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Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

by Kristin Beck
Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

“If you’re a shoulder pain sufferer, your pillow may be one of the worst bedfellows for sleep. But there are several pillows available today that can help alleviate some of the stress on your shoulders while you drift off each night. The best pillow materials include memory foam, buckwheat hulls, latex, and other natural or synthetic fillings that provide enough support to keep the head and neck upright and aligned with the spine. There is no need to spend a fortune on orthopedic pillows because most all pillows will work just fine.
Pillow manufacturers have come up with an impressive variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and even colors to meet the needs of every sleeping style. Some people prefer very firm pillows that offer good back support; others like soft cushions that conform well to their bodies. Others still want pillows that look nice — perhaps in bright red or blue. You’ll find everything from traditional down-filled varieties to those made with feathers and other animal products. And if you’re not sure what type of pillow to buy, try visiting a local pillow store where experts can give you advice based on your body size, shape, and preferences.
Shoulder pain often occurs when the upper arm has been bent at 90 degrees for too long. This happens when we lie on our stomach instead of lying on our backs. In this position, the weight of the upper arm presses against the chest and creates undue pressure on the collarbone and shoulder blade. When we roll over onto our side, the weight of the upper arm shifts away from the chest and alleviates much of this pressure. However, as we move toward either elbow, the weight again presses downward on the chest and collarbone. If we lie on our stomach for many hours, the strain becomes unbearable.
Sleeping positions also contribute to shoulder pain. One common problem occurs when the lower back lifts upward due to the force exerted by the hip bone. Sleeping in this position causes the pelvis to tilt forward and press against the spinal column. Another sleeping position that contributes to shoulder pain is when a person lies flat on his or her stomach. Lying flat in this manner puts excessive pressure on the chest muscles and interferes with breathing. Instead, it’s recommended that you sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees.
It isn’t easy finding the right pillow for shoulder pain relief, but once you do, you’ll never go back to using a flimsy pillowcase! Read on for more information about selecting the best pillow for shoulder pain relief.
Memory Foam vs. Latex Padding
Today, there are two primary types of filling material used in pillows: memory foam and latex. Both serve similar functions, although they differ greatly in terms of price and comfort level. Memory foam was developed in the 1970s by NASA scientists who wanted a comfortable medium for astronauts during space missions. They discovered that polyurethane foam could withstand extreme temperatures and pressures without breaking down. Since then, memory foam has become increasingly popular among consumers. It provides adequate support for various parts of the body including the head, neck, and back.
Latex is another option considered by many health care professionals. As its name suggests, latex comes from rubber trees. Although less expensive than memory foam, it is slightly firmer than memory foam and does not compress under heavy weights (such as a human body). Many people believe that latex is preferable to memory foam because it doesn’t lose formability through repeated use, wash out stains easily, and won’t break down quickly.
What Is Buckwheat Hull?
Buckwheat hulls are tiny bits of husks removed from whole kernels of wheat. These husks contain nutrients that promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. Because these husks don’t contain gluten, which irritates sensitive stomachs, they are commonly added to pet food. Nowadays, however, people sometimes eat them themselves. Buckwheat hulls are also helpful in relieving insomnia and anxiety. To make buckwheat hull pillows, the husks are mixed into regular old pillow stuffing.
Why Are Natural Fillings Better Than Synthetic Ones?
Natural fillings, such as silk, wool, cotton, and cashmere, provide superior insulation compared to synthetic ones. Silk and wool fibers naturally trap air within their tiny structures, creating a warm and cozy environment. Cotton and cashmere fiber retain moisture better than synthetic fibers, making them ideal for hot climates. Finally, organic fillings breathe, allowing air circulation necessary for reducing heat buildups. Not only are natural fillings better for your health, but they tend to last longer than synthetics. Therefore, they are generally safer choices for allergy sufferers.
How Can I Make My Own Pillow?
You can certainly purchase readymade pillows, but why spend money when you can save it yourself? Making your own pillow requires little time and effort. All you need is a measuring tape, pillow forms, scissors, sewing machine, and thread. First, measure your desired pillow form and cut it accordingly. Then sew together two corners of the fabric so that it fits snugly around the form. Sew three edges of the fabric together to ensure a clean seam. Turn the pillow inside out and insert the pillow form. Stitch the remaining edge of the fabric closed. Trim any excess threads with scissors and iron the seams to remove extra stitches. That’s it! Your new pillow should take about 20 minutes to create.
Now that you know how to select the best pillow for shoulder pain, read on to learn about additional options.
Choosing A Mattress
When shopping for a mattress, consider buying a model with adjustable lumbar supports. Adjustable lumbar supports allow you to customize the firmness of different areas of your mattress. Generally speaking, a higher percentage of firmness in the thigh area is preferred during the first six months after delivery. After this period, most people require a softer feel in the hips and buttocks. Lumbar supports adjust according to your specific needs. Additionally, you can choose mattresses with gel-infused layers. Gel inserts inflate automatically, offering a cool and refreshing experience throughout the day.
Mattresses with waterbed technology feature high-density foam cores enclosed in waterproof covers. Waterbeds were originally invented in Japan in the 1930s. Today, waterbeds are popular in Europe and Asia. If you’d rather not deal with turning off a noisy pump, check out the world’s newest innovation: water beds that turn on automatically.
Read on to learn about choosing the best pillow for shoulder pain relief.
Using the Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain Relief
Shoulders get a lot of wear and tear, and you can prevent unnecessary damage by properly supporting your joints. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or occasional discomfort, here are tips for choosing the best pillow for shoulder pain relief:
Choose a pillow that offers proper back support. Most pillows today come with removable pads called wedges. Wedges can be inserted under the pillow cover between the hard inner core and the sleeper’s back. Choose a wedge thickness appropriate for your height. If you’re taller, opt for thicker wedges, otherwise stick with thinner ones. Also, pick a cushion with plenty of room for movement since back movements are normal when asleep.
Keep pillows elevated. Elevated pillows reduce the amount of pressure placed on the shoulders. Use small decorative boxes filled with sand or beans to elevate your head and neck. Or prop up your head with books or bean bags.
Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping face-down increases the risk of developing painful shoulder conditions.
Try side sleeping. Side sleeping reduces the amount of pressure placed on the shoulder blades.
Use pillows designed specifically for shoulder pain sufferers. Memory foam and latex pillows are especially beneficial for shoulder pain because they provide ample support and maintain consistent dimensions.
Take advantage of free samples. Visit a local pillow shop and ask for free samples of many of the latest pillows. Ask questions about the product, and compare prices before deciding on a single pillow.
So now you’ve learned how to select the best pillow for shoulder pain relief. Keep reading for lots of great ways to start taking control of your condition.
Pillow Tips for Shoulder Pain Sufferers
Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain, a good pillow can improve your quality of sleep. Here are some simple tips for getting the optimal support you need:
Don’t share your pillow. Sharing your pillow with someone else causes the head and neck to bend at unnatural angles, resulting in increased muscle tension and pain.
Place your pillow behind your back. Place the pillow behind your back with the bottom end resting on the floor. Don’t place it directly behind your back. This prevents the head from bending backwards.
Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side allows the neck to remain straight. Avoid sleeping on your stomach because doing so forces the cervical vertebrae to flex unnaturally.
Avoid laying on your back. Sleeping on your back places the weight of the upper torso on the chest. This compresses the lungs, restricting oxygen intake.
Stop smoking. Smoking cigarettes affects blood circulation and weakens the immune system. Smoking makes the pain worse and delays healing.
Make sure your pillow”

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