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Best Places To Live With Arthritis

by Kristin Beck
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Best Places To Live With Arthritis

“Arthritis sufferers are lucky to live in cities that offer a wide range of activities and amenities. But where is the best place to live with arthritis? A recent study by two rheumatologists has provided an answer. The seven cities listed below were considered based on their proximity to hospitals specializing in treating arthritis patients, as well as other factors such as climate, crime rate, housing stock, and cost of living. So which city offers the best balance between accessibility to medical care and affordability? Read on to find out!
Baltimore, Maryland
Ranking #1 – According to Dr. Robert M. Hornung and Dr. Jeffrey J. Lee’s research, Baltimore takes first place among all U.S. cities for people with arthritis because it boasts the largest concentration of rheumatologists per capita. In addition, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine — which is also the only university-based hospital for adult rheumatic diseases in the Mid Atlantic region — ranks No. 2 overall in the country.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Ranking #2 – Although not specifically geared toward those who suffer from arthritis, salt lake city still rates highly due to its low crime rate compared to many major metropolitan areas. Also, residents enjoy easy access to outdoor recreation and entertainment venues like parks, lakes, golf courses, etc., along with having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation (4.5 percent).
Seattle, Washington
Ranking #3 – This Pacific Northwest metropolis provides ample opportunities for hiking trails, beaches, marinas, waterfronts, and more. It’s also known for its mild winter temperatures, making it easier to go outside and enjoy nature. For arthritis patients, however, there are several reasons why this area should rank higher than fourth place. First, they can easily travel to nearby Seattle or Portland, Oregon, for treatment at a specialty hospital. Second, the cost of living here isn’t too high; you’ll be able to afford groceries, medicine, transportation, and other essential items without breaking the bank. Lastly, Seattle is home to numerous companies that manufacture arthritis medications, so chances are good that you’ll be able to get your hands on the drugs you need.
Phoenix, Arizona
Ranking #4 – While it may seem strange that Phoenix would come in fourth, keep in mind that Phoenix is located about 150 miles south of Tucson, which took third place. Because of the distance, getting to and from Phoenix will take longer if you’re suffering from arthritis, but once you arrive you’ll probably want to stay put. One thing worth noting about this city is that it gets plenty hot during the summer months, so don’t expect to spend much time outdoors when it’s 90 degrees F.
Madison, Wisconsin
Ranking #5 – Madison, Wisconsin, is home to the University of Wisconsin, which earned second place in the study, as well as Mayo Clinic, which came in seventh. Its population has grown steadily over the years, which means that finding new jobs and homes shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Crime rates are generally low, and residents can count on quick response times from police department personnel.
San Francisco, California
Ranking #6 – If you’re looking for a location that’s close to the ocean, then San Francisco might be your best bet. However, it’s important to note that the majority of arthritis patients aren’t interested in taking advantage of the natural beauties around them. Instead, most of these folks prefer a quiet, peaceful environment that allows them to focus on getting better health. And because San Francisco receives lots of rainfall every year, it’s ideal for growing plants and flowers. Plus, the weather is relatively mild, so you won’t have to worry about freezing your fingers off while walking through puddles.
The downside of living in San Francisco is that it’s expensive. Housing prices tend to be quite steep, and the cost of food and utilities can quickly add up. Overall, though, this area is still a great choice for anyone who suffers from arthritis.
San Diego, California
Ranking #7 – San Diego is located just north of Los Angeles, which made it difficult for researchers to include in their rankings. Nonetheless, San Diego did make it into the top 10, so it’s no surprise that it was chosen as one of the best places to live with arthritis. On average, residents pay less for rent here than anywhere else in the country, and there’s plenty of affordable housing available. In fact, the median price for a house in this area is $139,000. In terms of healthcare options, San Diego County Medical Center is one of the leading public hospitals in the state.
Overall, it appears that people with arthritis would do well to move to any of these locations. All are within driving distances of each other, so moving to another locale wouldn’t cause too much hassle.
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