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Best Things To Masturbate With

by Kristin Beck
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Best Things To Masturbate With

“It’s hard to imagine that there are so many ways to masturbate, but the truth is that there are dozens of things that just about anyone can use to get off. If it can be inserted, has a smooth surface, or vibrates you can have an orgasm with it. Hard exteriors. Soft edges. Utensils. Things That Vibrate. Plastic bottles. Long thin objects. Tools. Vegetables. Anything resembling a penis can be used for penetration purposes. Here are some ideas on what to try out next time your need a little inspiration.
1. Sex toys are great for masturbation, and they’re also very affordable these days. There are lots of different kinds available, including ones shaped like dildos, bananas, penises, tongues, vaginas, and even aliens! You could make up your own custom toy if you want something really unique. Just make sure that you take care when cleaning them, and don’t share them with other people (especially not your partner). Also, keep in mind that sex toys aren’t suitable for all women…some may experience vaginal discomfort during insertion.
2. The best way to experiment with new toys is by using a water-based lubricant such as baby oil, mineral oil, or Astroglide. Water-based lubes are non-staining and won’t damage surfaces. They’ll also allow you to explore sensitive areas without worrying about getting any fluids inside your body. This is important because most people can’t tell the difference between their pee and ejaculate anyway.
3. When trying out sex toys, remember that size DOES matter – especially if you’ve never tried one before. Toys come in different sizes, from small to extra large. Some are shorter than others; some are longer than others. It doesn’t matter how big or small the object is, as long as the tip is at least 3 inches wide, which should be plenty enough to reach all the right spots. Don’t worry too much about being able to insert a huge dildo into yourself — you might find that you enjoy having something bigger than you ever thought possible pressed against your clitoris instead. And once you start exploring, you’ll discover that this isn’t actually a problem.
4. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t use sex toys with silicone-based lubricants. Silicone lubes are designed to prevent bacteria growth, which means that you won’t put harmful germs from your fingers onto your genitals. However, you will likely find that they cause irritation if you choose to use them over water-based lubes.
5. Most sex toys are made out of plastic, silicone, metal, glass, stainless steel, leather, rubber, etc. You can usually tell whether or not you’d like a specific material based on its texture. For example, if you love feeling rough materials against your skin then you might prefer a harder toy; while those who enjoy softer sensations would probably enjoy more supple options.
6. A lot of toys now feature vibration functions. These can vary greatly depending on where they are placed within the toy. Many toys have a built-in motor that creates vibrations. Others utilize batteries that create vibrations through movement. Still others rely on special attachments that attach directly to your clit. Whatever type of vibrations your favorite sex toy offers, you should definitely give it a try!
7. Another bonus about playing with sex toys is that you can easily incorporate roleplay fantasies. For instance, you could pretend that you’re giving someone oral pleasure, or pretending that he/she is penetrating you with his/her hands. Or perhaps you could act as though you’re going down on him/her? How does that sound?
8. While we focused on female masturbation here, guys can certainly benefit from experimenting with sex toys too. In fact, you might like to consider adding some vibration gels or sprays to your routine. Try taking turns pleasuring each other orally or doing mutual masturbation together. Give it a shot and see what happens!
9. Sex toys aren’t just limited to penetrative play either. Sometimes people use them to stimulate themselves internally or externally. One woman I know likes to insert her fingers into her vagina and rub around inside herself. Other folks like to use speculums to hold candles during self-pleasure sessions. The only limit is what you think is sexy!
10. Although sex toys can sometimes feel intimidating, many people find that they enjoy the sensation of stimulation. Experimentation is key, and you can always talk to your partner about what you like and dislike. Having fun together is half the battle, after all!”

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