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Best Ways To Masterbate For Guys

by Kristin Beck
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Best Ways To Masterbate For Guys

Best Ways To Masterbate For Guys

“I have been masturbating since I was about 10 years old (that’s a lot of time for a guy!) but it wasn’t until I reached my mid twenties that I actually got any real pleasure from masturbation. In fact, up until then I had always done it as an afterthought – something that needed to be done quickly before I could go back to watching TV or whatever else was on at the time. The only reason I even knew what masturbation meant was because one of my friends mentioned he did it when we were doing our homework together during high school. And like every other boy who has ever heard the term “”masturbation”” they seemed to think it sounded rather disgusting. So why bother?
It wasn’t until I started writing this article that I realised how many men are going through the same experience as me. They know what it means and yet don’t really do anything about it! If you’re reading this article chances are you’ve never tried to masterbate before so let us take a look at some of the best ways to get started.
The most basic technique is simply to grip your penis in your stronger hand with your fingers underneath and thumb on top. You then move your hand up and down the shaft, not too hard and not too fast. With some experimentation you should be able to find just the right pressure, finger position and speed to stimulate you without causing yourself any pain or discomfort.
Another very popular way to masterbate is to use a vibrator. This can either be bought specifically designed for this purpose or if you already own a handheld massager such as a Hitachi Magic Wand then you may prefer to try using that instead. There are also a number of specially made sex toys available which will give you similar results. Just make sure you check out all the instructions first so that you aren’t putting your health and safety at risk by playing around with these things.
Finally there are a couple of techniques that are worth mentioning here although I personally wouldn’t recommend them unless you have medical issues related to your sexual function. These methods involve using penile traction devices and electro-stimulation therapy machines.
Penile Traction Devices basically consist of a ring attached to a handle which you hold firmly against the wall. Then you slowly pull your penis forward while stroking it gently. It sounds weird but once you start doing it you’ll see how effective it can be. It helps stretch your foreskin and allows easier access to your frenulum (which is the spot between your bottom lip and your head) both of which are important areas to stimulate properly.
Electro stimulation therapy machines work in much the same way as those muscle building workout equipment you might have seen in gymnasiums. Basically you attach electrodes on different parts of your body and apply a mild electrical current to stimulate the muscles. In terms of male orgasm however, most experts agree that this method isn’t particularly effective. As far as I’m concerned, it’s probably better suited to women than men anyway.
So now you’ve read this article hopefully you’ll feel more comfortable about trying out masturbation. But just remember that it takes time and practice to masterbate effectively. Keep experimenting with different positions and speeds over time and eventually you’ll soon discover what works best for you.
One final tip though – don’t rush into it. Masturbation shouldn’t become routine and boring. Be adventurous and experiment with new positions and sensations. Try holding onto your ejaculate to prevent spraying everywhere and watch the reactions of the people around you as you climax. Or maybe buy some sexy lingerie and surprise your partner with a night of passion complete with foreplay and a mind blowing orgasm!
Now that you’ve mastered the basics of masturbation, keep exploring your sexuality further. Read articles on female sexuality, explore online forums where you can meet other guys looking for their first blow job and learn tips, tricks and advice on pleasing a woman in bed. Once you’ve explored everything there is to explore sexually within the realm of heterosexual intercourse, why not turn your attention towards the world of gay sex? There are plenty of sites dedicated to helping you achieve amazing orgasms in the bedroom, especially if you happen to enjoy anal penetration.”

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