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Can Doctors Write Prescriptions Across State Lines

by Dan Hughes
Can Doctors Write Prescriptions Across State Lines

Can Doctors Write Prescriptions Across State Lines

If you’re planning on picking up your monthly supply of medication at a pharmacy while traveling through multiple states, you might want to consider the legalities involved first. While it’s pretty straightforward for doctors and pharmacists to write prescriptions for any patient they see — regardless of where that patient is located — other types of medications require special attention. For example, if you need a controlled substance (such as Xanax) or are taking a drug that could be subject to diversion, such as an antibiotic, it may not be wise to pick up your script from a doctor who isn’t licensed in the same state as you live in. It also helps to know exactly what drugs are available in each state you’ll be passing through.
Prescription Drug Diversion — What Is It?
When someone attempts to obtain a schedule II drug by fraud or misrepresentation, or without legitimate medical necessity, he or she is committing “drug diversion.” If you take a prescription for a schedule II controlled substance like hydrocodone, morphine or oxycodone, you should try to find out if your local pharmacy will fill it for you. The reason why is because some pharmacies won’t. They don’t want to risk prosecution themselves. In fact, most major chain pharmacies won’t even help you with a non-prescribed order. So, if you end up needing these kinds of painkillers, you should probably just go somewhere else.
The problem here is that many people aren’t aware of their rights when ordering prescription medicine online. Some think that since they’re paying for the service, they shouldn’t have to deal with all the red tape. Others simply assume that since they’ve been prescribed something, they must have a valid prescription. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many states now require patients to actually visit the physician whose office generated the original prescription. And some physicians refuse to issue scripts over the phone or via email.
One way around this is to use a mail order pharmacy. These companies typically offer lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores due to lower overhead costs. But there are drawbacks to using them too often. Mail order pharmacies tend to be less regulated than retail outlets, so they might be willing to sell you pills you’re not supposed to buy. Furthermore, it’s easier for these businesses to avoid liability issues through shady business practices. On top of this, you run the risk of getting counterfeit meds sent to your home instead of real brand-name pharmaceuticals.
It’s important to note that the FDA does regulate mail order pharmacies differently. This type of pharmacy has strict guidelines regarding how much control is maintained over their operations. As long as you do everything right, however, you should be fine.
Even though it’s rare, it’s possible for mail order pharmacies to be prosecuted for selling fake drugs. This usually happens when they ship illegal narcotics to customers after receiving orders from physicians’ offices in another state. Sometimes, these criminals will attempt to hide their identities by placing generic labels on the products, but the packaging itself still gives away the ruse.
What Are Your Rights When Buying Medication Online?
As mentioned above, the best way to ensure that you receive quality medications is to make sure you purchase them directly from a licensed pharmacist. You can do this easily with the click of a mouse button. A quick Internet search will reveal dozens of reputable online pharmacies. Just follow our tips below for choosing a safe and reliable site.
First off, look for those sites that accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Also, choose a pharmacy that uses secure servers (SSL). SSL encrypts data between your computer and the website, making sure that no one snooping in along the way can steal sensitive information about your personal account details, billing address and card number. Finally, make sure that the company doesn’t charge extra fees to send your prescription to foreign countries. There are several international pharmacies that provide free shipping worldwide.
Now that you know what to watch out for, let’s discuss the difference between buying prescription medicine online versus buying at a physical location. Pharmacies differ in size, selection and price. We recommend visiting both local and online pharmacies prior to purchasing anything to allow you to compare services and prices side by side. If a local store offers you better value, then shop elsewhere!
In addition to being cheaper, shopping online allows you to skip the lines and wait times. Most stores open later than local ones, and they often feature extended hours during peak traffic seasons. Another advantage is privacy. Since online pharmacies operate exclusively in cyberspace, you can feel confident that you won’t be tracked or monitored by anyone except the staff members who process your request.
Finally, if you’re concerned about privacy, remember that many popular websites employ security measures to protect customer accounts against hackers. This means that your credit card numbers and private info are kept strictly confidential.
Whether you decide to buy from a local pharmacy or an online retailer, you’ll want to make sure you understand the rules of the country you’re entering. Look into whether you need a prescription at all, or if you can just walk into a clinic with your prescription and insurance card. Know your destination’s regulations regarding the amount of time allowed between refills. You might even want to ask the person filling your prescription how long you can legally hold onto his copy.
So, next time you’re ready to hit the road, make sure to pack your own Rx. Learn more about prescriptions in “How To Get Drugs Without A Doctor” [http://www.BetterWorldBooks.com/book_view.php?isbn=9780470691722].

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