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Can I Shave After Laser Hair Removal

by Lyndon Langley
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Can I Shave After Laser Hair Removal

Can I Shave After Laser Hair Removal

If you have ever had unwanted hair removed with a laser, then you know how effective and safe this method of permanent hair reduction really is. And while there are many different brands out there offering lasers for hair removal, one company in particular has become extremely popular due to its high success rates and low side effects. This company’s name is NICE Dermatology Center in Huntington Beach, California. The reason why so many people choose this clinic over all others is because they realize that their doctors at this center truly care about each patient’s individual needs. They use only FDA-approved laser systems and only employ licensed professionals who have been trained on those specific devices. In addition to their dermatologists being experts in laser hair removal, they also offer other services such as skin cancer screenings, wart treatments, acne consultations and more.
The following paragraphs will discuss whether or not you should shave prior to receiving laser hair removal therapy. If you elect to shave prior to receiving laser hair removal, make sure that you use an electric razor without any type of moving parts. If you are using a safety razor, be sure to keep the blade clean and sharp. Also, if possible, try shaving two days before your appointment. Although some clients may prefer to shave three days before their appointments, most find that waiting until day 3 gives them the best results. It is also imperative that you shower the night before your appointment. Showering removes oils from your body that could potentially clog pores during the process. Finally, it is essential that you avoid taking certain medications which can cause excessive perspiration. For example, diuretics (drugs used to treat fluid retention) can cause you to sweat excessively and reduce the effectiveness of the laser.
Now we’ll talk about what happens when you actually go into the doctor’s office for laser hair removal. First off, just like when you get a haircut, you need to arrive early. Your first visit usually takes about 30 minutes, but sometimes patients come in late due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances. During this time, your technician will take measurements of your face and neck to determine where he/she will place the cooling unit. Once these details have been established, the technician will move onto preparing you for the procedure. He/she will explain everything in detail and answer any questions that you might have. Then, you will be asked to remove your glasses and hold up a mirror so that the technician can check your eyesight. Next, you will be given an eye shield to wear, which is basically a piece of paper with holes cut out that protects your eyes.
Once prepared, the technician will begin applying a topical lotion to your entire face and neck area that contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and petroleum jelly. While doing this, she will slowly wipe the sides of your nose with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol solution. This step helps prevent irritation caused by the laser beams. When the lotion has dried, you will be positioned on a stool, and the technician will apply a cooling gel to your entire face and neck. She will then place a cooling pad under your chin. A few seconds later, the laser will turn on, targeting the areas that are going to be treated. Depending upon the size of the hairs, the laser beam will either heat and burn them off, or simply destroy the follicle. The amount of energy needed to completely remove the hair varies depending on the thickness of the hair, ranging anywhere from 0.2 joules to 1.0 joules. The higher the number, the thicker the hair.
After the session is complete, you will be asked to remain in the chair for approximately 20 minutes. This allows the skin to cool down and prevents the risk of infection. At the end of the 20 minutes, your technician may ask you to leave the room temporarily so that she can wash your face. Afterward, you will be asked to fill out a form explaining your experience and giving permission to share your information with future customers.
Shaving post-treatment can result in serious complications since laser hair removal works by destroying the follicles that produce hair. Therefore, you must wait several days before you attempt the task of removing stubble. If you shave within 2 days after your appointment, you run the risk of damaging new hair growth. Additionally, you shouldn’t touch your skin for 48 hours. You should also refrain from smoking, applying makeup or touching your hair for 24 hours. These steps help protect your skin against burning and scarring.
For more information about laser hair removal, please see http://www.dermnetmd.com/.
Dr. Richard B. Rubin is director of education for DermNet MD, America’s largest online resource for physicians specializing in the field of dermatology and anti-aging medicine. He provides content for national media outlets and contributes articles to leading publications. Dr. Rubin received his M.D. degree from New York Medical College and completed his residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He currently maintains offices in Manhattan and Westchester County, NY.

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