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Can Weed Make You Infertile

by Payton Taylor
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Can Weed Make You Infertile

Can Weed Make You Infertile

Marijuana can affect your fertility, so it’s important that you and/or the father stop using as soon possible. If one of both parents still smoke marijuana when pregnant with their child they are increasing risk for future problems in kids development suchs as increased chance at drug abuse since parental habits have been linked to many difficulties families face especially concerning children’s health
Babies born from mothers who used drugs during pregnancy often display symptoms related likewise which includes hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) behavioral issues depression anxiety disorders OCD etc

Does Weed Lower Your Sperm Count

The University at Buffalo study is the first to exam marijuana’s effects on sperm behavior and compare it with confirmed fertility. The findings show that men who smoke pot frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total count of sperm in their balls or shafts (testicular volume), as well abnormal movement patterns compared other groups including those without any form smoking background at all! This could lead problems for fertilizing an egg if you’re trying naturally conceive because there would be less genetic material available than expected from your partner(s).

Does Weed Make You Infertile

It’s important to note that marijuana can have a variety of negative effects on fertility. One major effect is reduced sperm motility and delayed ovulation, meaning it could make pregnancy even more difficult for you in the future than before. It also interferes with our endocannabinoid system which is involved not only with how well we’re able to get pregnant but every aspect between infertility-ovulation like luteinizing hormone (LH), tubal transport mechanisms such as eggs moving down into uterus from ovary after menstruation ends ,readying uterine lining up properly so baby will implant at appropriate time during embryo development stage
and timing everything perfectly including proper fertilization cues when human egg meets suitable sperm

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