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Can You Be Born With Hiv

by Payton Taylor
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Can You Be Born With Hiv

Can You Be Born With Hiv

Babies born to HIV-positive mothers did not usually survive for very long until medical research developed an innovative treatment in the 1980s. This medicine – then known as highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and now just called ART – revolutionised management of people living with hiv/aids.” There was no medication available during this time period,” said Dr Pat Tookey who managed NSHPC study, “The babies used to turn up symptomatically ill or dying from their infection .

Can Hiv Be Transmitted Through Breast Milk

In the United States, breastfeeding can be a risk factor for HIV transmission. Mothers with active infections of this virus are discouraged from providing breast milk to their infants due to its ability as an entryway into your bloodstream via bodily fluids suchs blood or saliva – which also happen during vaginal sex if you have penetrative anal sex without protection (or insertive oral). In order avoid these risks it’s recommended that mothers take anti-retroviral therapy so they don’t transmit her infection onto baby once she stops producing expressed letdown reflexes after six weeks postpartum.

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