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Can You Chew Gum With A Retainer

by Annabel Caldwell
Can You Chew Gum With A Retainer

Can You Chew Gum With A Retainer

Do not chew gum with the retainers in! A bonded retainer is a small wire bonded (glued) to the tongue side of your lower front six teeth.

Chewing gum is very important for good oral hygiene and health. It cleans the mouth, keeps it from drying out, and can help control bad breath. The way we eat today though, chewing gum often becomes an inconvenience instead of something that’s pleasurable. We have become used to eating our meals without any kind of distraction, so when we need to enjoy ourselves for special occasions or events, having to stop what we’re doing just to take a bite of gum may be difficult. If you’ve ever had someone try to share their dessert with you by placing a piece of gum under your plate, then you know how frustrating this can be.
In addition to being difficult, chewing gum with a dental retainer is also dangerous if done improperly. This article will discuss why chewing gum with a retainer isn’t recommended and some helpful tips on using your retainer while chewing gum.
A bonded retainer is a small wire bonded (glued) to the tongue side of your lower front six teeth. When you put one of these retainers over them, they are not covered, which means there is no protection from injury or damage. While wearing a retainer, you should never chew hard candy, popicles, or anything else that could cause harm to your teeth or gums. Because of this, it is best to avoid chewing gum altogether while wearing a retainer. Even if you have no problem with loose retainers and want to wear them for comfort, you shouldn’t chew gum with them because as mentioned before, there’s no protection. Also, if you accidentally swallow them, they could get stuck in your throat and cause serious problems. So how do you enjoy yourself at dinner parties or social gatherings where everyone has a drink waiting? What about during those times when you don’t care whether anyone notices or not? Here are some simple ways to enjoy yourself while keeping your retainer intact.
First, if you decide to use a retainer at all, make sure it fits properly. Don’t buy a retainer based solely on price; consider quality too. There are many different brands available, but choose one that feels comfortable and makes sense for your lifestyle. Some people like non-bonded retainers, others prefer bonded ones. Bonded retainers are easier to keep clean and require less maintenance than non-bonded ones, but they are more expensive. Non-bonded retainers tend to slip around more easily and bond breakage occurs much more frequently. They are popular among patients who have worn braces previously and want to continue wearing them while having retainers made. Many dentists would recommend non-bonded retainers for patients who have metal fillings or crowns since they can be removed from the metal part of the tooth. Of course, if this applies to you, go ahead and give a non-bonded retainer a shot. Just remember, once you start breaking them, you’ll probably want to stick with bonded retainers.
If you use a non-bonded retainer, make sure to treat it well. Never leave it in between your cheek and lip, especially if you have a habit of rubbing your face on your hand. Keep it away from hot food and drinks. After eating or drinking anything particularly hot, wash your hands carefully to avoid transferring bacteria. Do not let other people touch your retainer, including kissing you. And finally, if you smoke, quit smoking right away. Smoking causes gum tissue to dry out, making it harder to remove stains and plaque build up over time.
For most people, however, a bonded retainer works fine. As long as you take proper care of it, there shouldn’t be any trouble. For example, if you find that your retainer falls out while you sleep, wake up early enough to quickly replace it before going back to bed. If you drop your retainer down the toilet, immediately rinse your mouth thoroughly to prevent swallowing the pieces. If you spill a soda or juice on your retainer, wipe off as soon as possible. These little things can happen at any moment, even when you aren’t paying attention, so always be ready for them. Another common mistake is trying to hold your piece of gum with your retainer. This doesn’t work. Instead, place the retainer against your lips and hold the gum between your fingers behind the retainer. That way, if the retainer slips downward, it won’t actually come into contact with your gum.
Now that you know why it’s not safe to chew gum with a retainer, here are some tips on how to use yours safely. First, if you really must chew gum at all, only chew gum sparingly. If you feel like you absolutely have to chew gum, wait until after every meal to do so. Second, don’t chew gum excessively. One or two chews per piece of gum is plenty. Third, make sure you brush your retainer regularly. Use a soft bristled brush, preferably with rubber handles. Make sure you clean the inside of your retainer with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Finally, be careful when removing the retainer at night. Take it out gently, and don’t pull too hard. If you want to use tweezers, be careful not to squeeze or pinch the skin underneath.
With a little practice, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite treats without worrying about damaging your retainer. In fact, you might even start looking forward to the fun new experience of putting a piece of gum in your mouth. Next time you see someone trying to pass you a piece of gum with their hand, smile politely and simply ask them “do I look like I’m in the mood?”

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