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Can You Dislocate Your Elbow

by Laurie Cortes
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Can You Dislocate Your Elbow

Can You Dislocate Your Elbow

If you or your child has a dislocated elbow, seek immediate medical attention. Complications can occur if the bones that make up this joint are forced out of alignment—typically when one lands on their hand during falls and slumps over-seas (or other variant). A typical adult will suffer from an episode at some point in life whereas toddlers have been known to experience it as well if they’re lifted byarmfuls forearms while being carried for

How To Fix Nursemaids Elbow

When your child experiences nursemaid elbow, they may not seem to be in pain but will likely cry when you try touch or move their arm. This is because it’s scary for them and sometimes painful too! You can help by making sure everything looks okay while giving support where needed- keep calm so that way nothing worse happens.

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