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Can You Get Top Surgery At 15

by Lyndon Langley
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Can You Get Top Surgery At 15

Can You Get Top Surgery At 15

Many people are wondering whether they can really get top surgery at a young age. The answer is yes and no. Yes you can but it all depends on your surgeon’s policy regarding the subject.

Surgery of any kind is not recommended for anyone under 12 years old, if possible. If you do decide to go through with the procedure in this case, there must be parental permission signed by both parents. In some cases, surgeons may allow a minor to undergo surgery without their parents’ knowledge if there is an emergency situation such as appendicitis or cancer. This also applies when minors have been exposed to radiation therapy. However, most medical professionals recommend that minors should wait until they reach adulthood before undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure.

The following guidelines are generally used by surgeons who determine whether or not someone qualifies for plastic surgery based on his/her age:

Age 12 – 16 (minors)

People between the ages of twelve and sixteen are considered minors. They are still developing physically and emotionally, so making major decisions about their appearance is usually best left up to them. Minors need to consult with their parents first, especially if they plan on getting procedures like breast implants or liposuction.

Those between the ages of fifteen and eighteen are considered adults and can make their own decision about how they want to look. For teenagers, having top surgery is more complicated because they are going through many changes in their bodies; they are growing taller and gaining weight faster than ever. Their skin is changing rapidly, too. It is important that they understand what they’re doing before they choose their surgeon, since they’ll likely be seeing him/her regularly over the next few years.
If you are fifteen years old and have reached the stage where you feel comfortable enough to make these decisions yourself, then you are ready for top surgery. Consult your surgeon before proceeding, however, just to ensure that you are fit for the procedure.

Adults 17-21

For women, men, children, and teens, the transition into adulthood doesn’t happen overnight. Many people don’t start feeling adult emotions until later in life. As a result, some patients may find themselves trying to figure out which way is correct for them after they’ve already had top surgery.
Although it might seem difficult to think clearly about something as serious as choosing a new hairstyle or makeup color, you shouldn’t let your emotions rule your thoughts. Take your time to reflect on everything you’ve learned, from your previous surgeries to your expectations for the future. Also, keep in mind that different types of procedures can affect your ability to grow hair back. If you have long hair, for example, your options are limited.

If you are still confused about whether or not you’d prefer to get top surgery, try talking to friends and family members. Ask them about their experiences with the process and what they thought about afterward. By learning more about other people’s experiences, you can gain valuable insight into whether or not you would be a good candidate for the procedure.


After reaching the age of 22, it becomes easier for some people to consider having top surgery. Most people who were once embarrassed about their looks now embrace new styles and have fun experimenting with different looks.

Anyone who has undergone top surgery knows that it provides instant gratification. No matter how much work goes into achieving the desired results, nothing beats the excitement of walking down the street looking fabulous. If you’ve never experienced this feeling, you won’t know what you’re missing until you give it a shot.

There are several things to consider when deciding whether to get top surgery. First, talk to friends and family members to see which procedures they’ve tried and loved the most. Second, research the doctor’s background thoroughly. Check online reviews, ask around, and read testimonials. Third, set realistic goals. Don’t expect for your face to change drastically overnight; instead, focus on improving small areas that could use improvement. Fourth, remember that everyone looks better in photos than in real life. Your actual appearance will probably be somewhere in between your ideal version of yourself and the picture you saw online. Lastly, take advantage of free consultations offered by most reputable clinics. These sessions can help you learn more about the clinic and its staff, as well as your surgical options.

No matter what your current age is, you should always consult a board certified plastic surgeon prior to undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure. Taking care of your health is one thing, but taking risks with your body isn’t worth it. Make sure that you select a qualified professional who understands your needs, wants, and goals. Once you’ve found a trustworthy surgeon, follow your postoperative recovery carefully. Keep track of any side effects or complications that occur during the healing process.
Most importantly, relax! Just because you’ve decided to pursue top surgery doesn’t mean that it will end up being painful or stressful. Remember that you deserve to look amazing, even if you’re only 14 years old. The right surgeon can help you achieve beautiful results regardless of your age.

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