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Did Will Cheat On His Wife

by Lyndon Langley
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Did Will Cheat On His Wife

Did Will Cheat On His Wife

In the most shocking moment of The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006), it was revealed that Chris Gardner’s wife had cheated on him with his boss, played by a shirtless Will Smith. It was one of those moments where you just couldn’t believe what you were seeing. And yet the truth is even more mind-blowing than we could ever have imagined.
After being told her husband had another woman in bed every night while she slept alone at home, Jada Pittman (played by the beautiful, stunning actress Jada Pinkett-Smith) replied “You’re not my husband anymore!” before storming out of the house.
She later returned, however, only for the film to reveal that Smith’s character actually did cheat with his boss’ wife.
Fast forward eight years and things are looking very different for Jada, who is now married to Hollywood actor Will Smith (who, incidentally, also starred in 2006 movie Four Brothers). They’ve been together since 2000 when they met on set of I am Legend (2007).
In April 2011, Jada spoke to Oprah Winfrey about how life as Mrs Smith is going and confirmed she’d been having an open relationship with her husband for the past eight years.
So why would Jada keep something like this from Will? Is there any chance she might be lying or faking the whole thing? Could it be that she wants us all to think she’s perfect because she knows deep down she isn’t? Or could it be that Will Smith himself is gay, which means his wife is really dating men behind his back?
We can probably put all our money on option number two – especially after these recent revelations came out…
According to Radar Online, sources close to the couple claim Will has already started dating someone new. Apparently, the pair went away to Hawaii last week to celebrate their wedding anniversary and during the trip Will was spotted taking part in some extreme watersports.
The source added, “He was seen swimming around waist high in the ocean wearing nothing but a speedo — and he wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by a blonde girl, believed to be his current girlfriend.
“There were tons of people watching them, including many tourists, so no one thought anything of it at first. But once everyone realized who it was, they began pointing and making comments.
“By the time Will got into the water, it was obvious that the girl didn’t want to go in. She kept trying to get out of the pool, but Will wouldn’t let her leave until she took off her bikini top.”
However, despite claiming that he hasn’t seen his wife for months, Will insisted that he remains committed to her and their family. A spokesperson said, “It is true that Mr Smith has been spending time with friends over the holidays but he continues to remain focused on his family.”
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this story is that it suggests Jada may still be sleeping with other guys (or maybe even women?), which brings us onto our next point…
Rumours of a possible threesome between Jada, Will and his new girlfriend surfaced online earlier today. There are even reports that the three of them spent Valentine’s Day together, although it must be noted that Jada seems pretty keen to dispel this particular rumour.
Either way, if these pictures are real then it certainly looks like the trio had a great day. In fact, it almost looks like they were celebrating something. What do YOU make of all of this news? Are you pleased that your hubby is apparently enjoying himself, or are you worried that he’s cheating with a new girl?
Do you think Will should stay loyal to Jada, or does the latest gossip suggest otherwise? Tell us what you think below!
UPDATE: Feb 13 2012 12:06 GMT By Daily Mail Reporter

Jada has broken her silence about the rumours surrounding her husband, insisting that he has never cheated on her. Speaking exclusively to Grazia magazine, Jada said, “I’m a good person and I don’t deserve this. We’re happy, OK?”
And in case you hadn’t heard, Jada is currently in Hawaii with Will and their daughter, Blue, who turns four tomorrow. So perhaps she’ll take a little break from social networking to enjoy some rest and relaxation.
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