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Do Guys Like Loud Girl In Bed

by Kristin Beck
Do Guys Like Loud Girl In Bed

Do Guys Like Loud Girl In Bed

“Most of us have heard stories about women who love being dominated by their man during sex. They want their guy to be dominant while they play submissive role. While this may work for some people, there are others who don’t enjoy this type of sexual activity at all. If you fall into the latter group of people, then read on! This article will offer you tips on how to turn your girlfriend/wife on.
In order to understand why guys really like girls who make noise during sex, we need to first look at the psychology behind human sexuality. Sex is one of the basic needs which humans possess. We tend to reproduce as fast as possible so that our genes can continue to live. The only way for us to achieve this goal is through reproduction. To do this, we must engage in sexual activities with healthy partners. So, the key here is finding a partner who has sexually compatible qualities.
Men are generally more visual than women. When you see something long from far, your brain automatically starts calculating its length based on the distance between yourself and the object. Since men’s brains process things visually, they are able to judge the size of a woman’s breasts or buttocks much easier than women. Therefore, if your wife/girlfriend allows you to touch her chest, then your brain will start thinking “”Wow, these boobs are huge!”” even though you know better. Your mind will also tell you that since you’re looking at them from afar, they probably must be bigger than what you expected. This explains why most women love to show off their cleavage whenever they go out shopping or visit friends. A large cleavage can almost always get attention from other males.
On the other hand, most men are sensitive to sounds. Hearing is one of the five senses we use to perceive the world around us. Our hearing works very well especially when we listen to music or watch movies. However, unlike women, most men cannot hear high frequencies such as those produced by vocal chords. Also, men are less sensitive to pain than women because we lack endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. These chemicals allow women to sense physical pain and relax easily.
Given these differences in physiology, it is no wonder that most men find it harder to satisfy their female partners sexually. For example, when most men ejaculate, they release semen containing sperm cells (spermatozoa) into the urethra. Semen flows down the urethra and exits from the tip of the penis. Once expelled, the semen travels downward within the urethra where it meets up with the muscular walls of the bladder. Here, the seminal fluid interacts with enzymes present in the urine that cause liquefaction. Liquefied semen remains in the bladder until it passes out of the body through urination.
During intercourse, a woman’s vagina does not contain any muscles which contract involuntarily like the ones found in the male anatomy. As a result, the vaginal canal does not provide resistance against the flow of semen. Most men find it difficult to maintain an erection and deliver semen smoothly due to the lack of muscle contraction in the vagina. Due to this problem, many men complain about premature ejaculation and loss of libido. On top of that, most men usually experience low levels of testosterone production which results in reduced sex drive.
If you are tired of listening to complaints from your girlfriends or wives regarding poor performance in the bedroom, then try listening to some loud music before going to sleep. Or perhaps you could sing along with popular songs without worrying about disturbing anyone. You should realize that it takes approximately three minutes for sound waves to reach the ear drum. During this period, the brain processes the information received via ears and translates it into electrical signals. Next, the auditory cortex analyzes the incoming sound waves and categorizes them according to frequency. After that, the brain sends these data to the motor cortex which controls movement.
While the above explanation offers a good insight into the mechanics involved in hearing, it fails to explain why most men enjoy loud females. First, let us consider the possibility of self-induced stimulation. Let us assume that a couple is lying on their respective sides facing each other. One person puts his ear close to the other person’s mouth while the other person inserts an erect penis into the anus. The person doing penetration would receive pleasure from both external genitals. Depending upon the position of the pelvis, the person receiving stimulation may also enjoy clitoral stimulation.
Another possible reason is that loud noises stimulate the auditory nerve located near the inner ear. The nerve transmits this signal to the primary auditory cortex located in the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex. The primary auditory center then relays the message to the superior temporal gyrus which helps interpret speech. In addition, the right hemisphere plays important roles in understanding language including facial expressions, tone of voice, prosody and musical rhythm. All these functions are closely related to the ability of interpreting nonverbal communication skills used during verbal interactions. Given the fact that most men prefer talking dirty to their partners, loud noises serve as excellent tools for stimulating the left side of their brains.
Loud noises also help create strong emotional connections between couples. Studies show that positive emotions such as joy, happiness, excitement and lust increase sexual desire among adults. Furthermore, it was reported that people who frequently express themselves verbally often become more aroused during sex. The reason behind this phenomenon lies in the effect of words on the limbic system which regulates mood and feelings. Words such as “”dirty””, “”good”” and “”amazing”” trigger positive emotions and activate sexual thoughts.
As mentioned earlier, most men are unable to hear higher frequencies such as those created by vocal chords. Therefore, loud noises produce an intense feeling in them because they associate the sounds with increased power. Men view powerful women as sexy and attractive. According to studies conducted by researchers at the University of New Mexico, men who are attracted to aggressive personalities tend to have larger penises. Some psychologists attribute this phenomenon to evolutionary biology. Early hunters were forced to penetrate multiple victims per day to successfully hunt prey. Thus, they needed longer penises to perform penetrations.
A study performed by Dr. Richard Wiseman showed that women who wear glasses appear more masculine and thus attract more heterosexual men. Another study revealed that women wearing heels tend to walk faster than those wearing flats. This observation suggests that heels emphasize femininity which makes women seem approachable. Finally, Dr. Helen Fisher concluded that lips convey messages about fertility, health and youthfulness. She claims that men who prefer younger partners have thinner lips compared to older men who prefer older partners.”

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