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Do I Have To Wear Retainers Forever

by Annabel Caldwell
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Do I Have To Wear Retainers Forever

Do I Have To Wear Retainers Forever

Your retainers will help prevent this from happening as you age. To maintain a straight smile for a lifetime, you’re going to need to wear your retainers nightly for the rest of your life. The good news is, after some time it won’t be necessary to wear them as often.

You know how it goes; once you lose that great big front tooth, it’s hard to get used to having no one there smiling at you with two rows of pearly whites. It can also make eating and drinking more difficult than usual — not fun! If you want to keep growing older looking, however, you’ll need to do something about it.
One option is getting veneers or crowns on those teeth. But if you don’t have the money for expensive dental work, or if your insurance doesn’t cover much of anything beyond cleanings, then what are your other options? That’s where retainers come in. They’re little rubber, plastic or metal bands that fit over your teeth to hold them in place. You can buy them individually or in sets, depending on how many teeth you’d like to stick together. Some retainer styles even let you choose which side of the mouth they should go on.
Retainers aren’t just for adults, either. Kids put their retainers in while they sleep so they won’t eat too many candies, for example. And people who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) use them to relieve pain and stress caused by misalignment of the jaw joints.
But why are these things called “retainers?” Well, because they actually stay in place permanently. This means you could take them out occasionally just to wash your face or brush your teeth, but otherwise you wouldn’t ever need to remove them.
Of course, retainer-wearing isn’t exactly comfortable. Many people find them uncomfortable enough to give up wearing them altogether. Others may experience soreness or gum irritation while using them. Fortunately, advances in materials technology mean retainer discomfort has gotten better since they first came onto the market. Nowadays you can buy retainers made of soft silicone, composite resin, acrylic and steel wire.
In addition, we now have new types of retainers designed specifically to meet our individual needs. For example, if you have an extremely crowded lower set of teeth, you may want to try a nightguard retainer. These retainers look kind of funny sitting next to your regular ones, but they serve a very useful purpose. Nightguards seal off spaces between teeth, preventing food particles from settling into those gaps. In turn, bacteria can’t grow there and plaque buildups don’t form, making your gums healthier.
If you think you might benefit from a nightguard retainer, talk to your dentist about the best solution for you. He or she can recommend one based on your particular situation.
So, are you ready to start wearing retainers again? Read on to learn how long you should use them.
How Long Do Retainers Stay On Your Teeth After Wearing Them All Day?
When you wake up each morning, you probably notice right away that your retainer hasn’t fallen off. That’s because when you sleep, all you do is close your eyes and relax. There’s no chewing, grinding or clenching your teeth. So why bother putting the retainer back in your mouth every evening?
Well, while sleeping your mouth gets pretty relaxed. As such, any minor movement of your upper and lower jaws during slumber causes your bite to shift slightly. When this happens, your normal teeth slip around inside your gums and cheek tissue, creating friction against your cheekbone. Eventually, this can cause small cuts and sores in your cheeks and gums. Not good!
With that in mind, most dentists advise keeping your retainers in overnight. However, you should consider removing them before bedtime if you have sensitive skin or tend to develop red, irritated cheeks during the day. Also, if you have braces, retainers shouldn’t remain in place for longer than eight hours.
Now that you’ve learned everything you wanted to know about wearing retainers, head down the hall to the next page for lots more information.
Can People Eat While Using Retainers?
It depends on the type of retainer you wear. Yes, you can eat normally while still wearing a retainer. Most retainers have flexible backs that allow you to bend them slightly backward without dislodging them. Other retainers have hooks near the base that can be adjusted upward or downward so you can eat with ease.
The trick here is to avoid moving your upper and lower jaws at all. Try resting your elbows on a table instead of bending over while eating. Or, you can simply sit upright.
Some people worry about retainer breakage while others say it never occurs. Either way, it’s important to remember that if you accidentally drop your retainer, you can always call your dentist’s office for another appointment.
Dental professionals agree that if you wear your retainer full time, you shouldn’t expect any problems. But if you only wear yours part time, you may encounter difficulties. Even though your teeth are already in their correct position, minor changes in your bite can occur. If you change jobs frequently, schedule a checkup visit with your dentist about once every six months. During this visit he or she can review your bite and see whether adjustments need to be made.
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