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Do Older Women Like Younger Guys

by Kristin Beck
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Do Older Women Like Younger Guys

Do Older Women Like Younger Guys

“Older women may not be as concerned with their appearance as much as younger ones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like looking good. They just might prefer dating a guy who’s several years younger than they would normally go for.
If you’re one of those guys, it’s time to get acquainted with the reasons why older women are interested in your youthful energy and attractiveness — and what you need to do to attract them.
Women tend to look at themselves differently than men typically do [Source: WebMD]. For example, most women probably wouldn’t consider themselves overweight even if their weight had increased 10 or 15 pounds over the past year (men often will consider themselves overweight when their body mass index has risen by more than five points). This means that most women won’t see themselves as being too heavy.
And while men judge each other on how well-groomed their facial hair is, women generally evaluate men based on their overall fitness level. A woman’s attraction to a man is also affected by her perceptions about him as a person. She’ll think he’s attractive if she believes his personality is compatible with hers. But women aren’t likely to find a man physically appealing unless he meets certain standards of attractiveness. If he’s young enough, he needs to have been in excellent shape since childhood. He should have a lean build, be taller than 5 feet 7 inches (about 167 centimeters) tall and have dark brown or black hair. His skin should be clear and smooth without any blemishes or wrinkles. And he must smile easily. Smiling is contagious; when someone smiles at another person, the odds increase that the second person will return the favor. So make sure you smile back whenever possible.
Younger men who meet these requirements usually enjoy a lot in common with their female counterparts. Most women want to feel energized and inspired by life, so it makes sense that they’d gravitate toward a guy who maintains a healthy lifestyle and exudes vitality. If a woman feels this way, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t want to date a man who’s several years younger. In fact, some women may want to experience new things faster than normal because they’ve put off having children or simply reached their midlife crisis.
Of course, if you’re really into a particular woman, you’re going to keep pursuing her regardless of her age. However, if you’re hoping to score a relationship with an older woman, you should know that many of them already have boyfriends or husbands, which limits your chances significantly. Additionally, older women tend to be pickier when it comes to choosing partners. As such, you’ll have to work harder to convince them that they’d benefit from dating you instead of someone else.
Read on for tips on attracting older women.
Attracting Older Women FAQs
How can I tell whether an older woman likes me?
You can’t determine whether an older woman finds you attractive until after you’ve made contact with her. When you approach a woman, you should focus on making eye contact rather than focusing solely on yourself. Make sure you give her a compliment about something she does frequently or admiringly. It should be something unique and personal, not vague (“”I love your dress””). Afterward, ask her if she’d mind giving you feedback on how she thinks you approached her. Does she seem receptive? Was it too forward? Did you say anything that surprised her? You may learn a valuable lesson!
What kind of conversation topics should we talk about?
It depends on who you’ve met previously and where you are meeting. If you haven’t spoken with her before, you should try asking questions about herself and her interests. Ask open-ended questions so that she isn’t feeling pressured to answer yes or no to whatever question you pose. Openers include “”what”” and “”why?”” and you should avoid leading questions like “”Are you married?””
Should I bring up my accomplishments?
Yes, especially if you’re trying to impress an older woman. Talk about what you accomplished recently or what you hope to accomplish in the future. If you have goals you’re working toward, let her know about them. If you’re running a business, mention that. Or if you took a trip somewhere, share the details. Don’t brag, however. Just let her know what you did so she knows you’re capable of doing bigger things.
How can I show her that I’m confident and successful?
One way is to wear clothes that convey confidence. Wear clothing that fits properly and wears well. Choose items that flatter your best features, and wear accessories that complement your wardrobe choices. Also, use grooming products that smell fresh and clean rather than strong or overpowering. Finally, remember to breathe deeply and relax. The older you get, the less oxygen you absorb through your lungs. Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises can help counteract this effect and improve your self-confidence.
Why do older women like younger guys?
Some people believe that women seek out men who are physically similar because they want to protect themselves from getting hurt. Others speculate that women are drawn to younger men because they provide excitement. Whatever the case, here are some facts:
Most women expect a man to be protective of her. That’s part of a man’s responsibility. The same goes for protecting her against outside forces, like criminals and predators.
Men who are athletic and in good shape can offer protection in ways that others can’t.

Many women find youthfulness exciting. Why? Because it symbolizes potential. Young people tend to have endless opportunities ahead of them. By comparison, older people sometimes feel trapped in their current lives.

A younger man’s energy is infectious. He gives off a positive vibe. Even though you’re both adults, you may feel younger around him.”


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