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Do Women Like Men With Long Hair

by Lyndon Langley
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Do Women Like Men With Long Hair

Do Women Like Men With Long Hair

A study conducted in the early part of this century found out that women prefer men with long hair over those having short or medium length hair. The researchers also discovered that this preference was not limited only to women but men too preferred taller men with long hair. In other words, men like tall, good looking women with long hair. But why?
In a nutshell, it can be said that men with long hair are perceived as more attractive because they are likely to be able to provide greater resources for their offspring. This means that a woman who has a child with a man is more likely to have a child that carries his genes and his traits. It’s therefore better if she marries a man who will be able to take care of her children financially. Therefore, the reason why women liked men with long hair is due to the fact that they perceive them as being capable fathers.
On the other hand, a woman who likes a man with short or medium length hair is usually not concerned about how much he’ll be able to contribute to the well-being of their child when they get married. She may even consider him as just another guy whom she happens to meet on the street. Her interest in him would probably fade after they exchange pleasantries and move along.
The study mentioned above also revealed that both men and women were more interested in dating someone with long hair rather than those with shorter lengths. And so, it can safely be deduced that women like men with long hair not just because they think they’re handsome but because they also feel comfortable around these guys. They seem to enjoy spending time with these people.
Now, you might wonder what makes long haired men different from others. Well, one thing that comes to mind is how tall they tend to stand compared to their height. Taller men with long hair are often considered to be more physically appealing than shorter ones. However, there are times when this doesn’t apply. For instance, some shorter men tend to wear hats that make them look taller. Also, some very tall men are known to sport short hairstyles such as buzz cuts.
Another noticeable difference between long haired men and their counterparts is the way they dress themselves. While most men choose to go casual by wearing T-shirts and jeans, long haired men tend to go formal by dressing up nicely. They always appear neat and clean whether they are working outdoors or indoors.
As previously stated, women like men with long hair because they feel more secure and at ease spending time with them. When a woman goes out with a male friend, she may experience a lot of anxiety since she knows he might start flirting with other ladies present at the venue. However, this won’t happen to her while accompanying a male friend with long hair. Most of the time, he’d be busy talking to her which gives her all the time to concentrate on her thoughts instead of worrying about what he might do next.
Long haired men also show off their skills and talents. Whether they’re performing onstage or simply hanging out with friends, they exude confidence and masculinity. These attributes give them an edge over many other males in terms of attracting women. A lady tends to find herself attracted to confident men who know what they want in life, whether it is romance or business.
There are exceptions to this rule though. Some women don’t like men with long hair because they sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of attention they receive from these individuals. Also, there are certain types of long haired men who have been known to intimidate some women. Such men aren’t necessarily bad; however, they need to learn how to behave properly so that they won’t drive away potential mates.
Aside from these things, men with long hair also attract women mostly because of the mystery surrounding their appearance. Their shaggy locks add to the intrigue factor especially when they’ve been asked to cut their hair or shave it completely. This helps create curiosity among girls that they wish to discover everything about these strange creatures.
So, if you’re wondering whether women like men with long hair, then the answer is yes!

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