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Do Women Like To Watch Men Masturbate

by Kristin Beck
Do Women Like To Watch Men Masturbate

Do Women Like To Watch Men Masturbate

“””I think women might find watching men masturbating sexy,”” says one woman who has been asked this question many times. “”But I never thought about it that way before meeting my husband and having sex with him for the first time.””
Another woman who is married to a man she met online agrees. “”Yes, but only because he’s doing it so well!””
And yet another woman writes, “”No! It makes me feel uncomfortable. If you’re going to touch yourself then please don’t show us your handiwork.””
So what exactly turns some women on when it comes to seeing their partners masturbate? And why should we care?
The truth is that while most women enjoy masturbation, there are some women who prefer not to watch others pleasure themselves or have sex at all. Some may not be comfortable being touched by someone else during penetrative sex; others may simply choose to save masturbation for when no-one is around.
Some people believe that masturbation is inherently dirty, making it something that should be hidden away from view. But as long as it isn’t done in an offensive manner, a lot of women actually seem to agree that it can add spice to sex, even if just in subtle ways.
For example, one woman writes, “”Masturbation is very intimate for me. When my partner watches me pleasure myself I get turned on more than usual. My partner will know when I’m close to orgasm which heightens his arousal too.””
So what exactly is it about watching a male lover pleasuring himself (or herself) that some women love? Is it the fact that he/she is touching her own genitals? Or maybe it’s the voyeuristic nature of the act itself – watching another person pleasure himself or herself is certainly different from watching TV or reading porn.
A number of studies have looked into the reasons why women tend to enjoy watching men masturbate. One study found that women enjoyed watching other people masturbate because it gave them opportunities to practice their own self-pleasure skills. Another suggested that women liked watching men masturbate because it allowed them to see their lovers’ response to sexual stimuli. A third study identified four reasons why women watched their boyfriends masturbate. They included: 1) wanting to learn about sexuality, 2) getting aroused by their partners’ reactions to pornography, 3) enjoying role reversal, 4) and learning about their partner’s fantasies.
However, these findings are based on surveys rather than clinical research. So while they give us a good idea of what drives some women to want to watch their partners masturbate, they aren’t necessarily conclusive proof.
What is clear however, is that masturbation plays a central part in female sexuality. Many women masturbate and fantasise about having sex with a partner. For some, it’s the best way to experience sexual climax. Others use it to train themselves for penetrative sex. Women also masturbate alone, without any thoughts of ever sharing their experiences with a partner.
If you’re wondering if you could possibly persuade your partner to let you watch them masturbate, you needn’t worry. As long as the two of you make sure that masturbation is kept within agreed boundaries, you shouldn’t run into any problems. Make sure you both understand what you’re each comfortable with. You’ll probably find that once you’ve discussed it together, you both end up agreeing on a set of rules. The main thing is that you trust each other enough to share such personal information.
When it comes to masturbation, there are plenty of options to explore. Foreplay can involve oral stimulation of the penis, manual stimulation of the vagina, and mutual masturbation. Most women find foreplay quite enjoyable, especially when performed using hands, tongues, and fingers. Of course, you could always try toys and vibrators too.
In addition to foreplay, you could try exploring masturbation techniques. There are several positions and methods that can enhance the sensation. However, you should take into account your physical limitations and preferences when deciding what works best for you.
As for whether a woman likes to watch a man masturbating, the answer seems to lie somewhere between yes and no. It depends on individual tastes, as well as on the context surrounding the situation. On its own, masturbation isn’t likely to turn anyone on. What adds excitement is the presence of a lover, either physically present or via erotic imagery.
One thing is certain, though. Watching a man masturbate can be exciting and fun for both parties involved. Just remember to keep things respectful and safe. After all, everyone enjoys a little privacy every now and again…!”

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