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Does Masturbation Make You Tired

by Kristin Beck
Does Masturbation Make You Tired

Does Masturbation Make You Tired

“Masturbating is a natural response for humans — we’ve been doing it since the dawn of time (and possibly much longer). It’s also a popular pastime in our culture today, as evidenced by the fact that there are entire sex shops dedicated solely to selling toys and other paraphernalia used for masturbation. But do orgasms have any effect on your health? Are they good for you? Or does touching yourself just cause fatigue?
The answer seems to be yes. Although most people don’t think about it, having an orgasm can actually make you feel pretty drowsy afterward. The reason has to do with how our bodies release different hormones during sexual arousal. These hormones affect everything from sleepiness to the immune system. This doesn’t mean that nocturnal fingering sessions will keep you up all night, but if you’re trying to get enough sleep every day, orgasms may not be your friend. Here’s why…
Why Masturbation Can Cause Fatigue
One hormone released when you climax is called prolactin, which slows down brain activity so that you go into “”drowsiness mode.”” When women reach orgasm, their levels of this hormone spike. Men aren’t left out either; orgasm releases testosterone, which makes men more aggressive and reduces their need for sleep. In both cases, these changes happen because of the surge of hormones associated with sexual pleasure.
But what happens when you’re alone and indulging in self-pleasure? Well, according to some studies, you might find yourself feeling slightly fatigued afterwards. A study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that men who masturbated regularly reported feeling less happy than those who didn’t. And research conducted at the University of Sheffield showed similar results for women: Women who had masturbated more frequently were more likely to report feeling overly tired than those who hadn’t.
This isn’t entirely surprising considering the amount of mental energy required to become aroused and stimulate oneself sexually. If you’re already stressed about being unable to climax with your partner, you probably won’t want to add masturbation to the list of things you struggle with. For many people, masturbation becomes a way of coping with stress without taking action against whatever problem is causing them distress. While it provides relief in the moment, masturbation can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety later on. So although masturbation may seem like a healthy way to relieve tension, it could end up making you feel worse over time.
Of course, masturbation isn’t going to leave you feeling exhausted if you use safe practices, such as lubricants and protection. Similarly, masturbation can help you drift off quickly once you decide it’s bedtime, which is obviously beneficial if you work long hours away from home. However, masturbation alone can’t cure chronic insomnia. To combat fatigue caused by lack of sleep, try to get enough shut eye throughout the day.
If you’re looking for ways to improve your overall well-being, consider incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Regular physical activity helps increase oxygen flow through your blood stream, which improves your mood and increases stamina. Studies show that exercising regularly can reduce fatigue symptoms, too.
How Masturbation Affects Sleep Patterns
There are two main types of sleep patterns — one is known as ultradian rhythm, while the other is circadian rhythm. Ultradian rhythm refers to the cycle of sleep and wakefulness throughout each 24-hour period, and it includes several short periods of sleep broken up by bursts of alertness. Circadian rhythm refers to the internal clock that regulates your body’s biological processes, including sleeping habits. Your circadian rhythm cycles naturally around the sun to regulate when you should wake up and go to bed.
When you masturbate, you disrupt the regularity of your sleep schedule. Even though you may not realize it, your body still expects to experience the same pattern of sleep and waking up each day. After masturbating, you’ll feel groggy and tired because your circadian rhythm hasn’t adjusted yet. Additionally, masturbation might mess with your ability to fall asleep easily. Most adults require between seven and eight hours of sleep per day, and getting too little sleep can significantly impact your quality of life [sources: Mayo Clinic, WebMD].
For people who rely heavily on masturbation to cope with stress, this disruption in sleep routines can pose serious problems. It can take weeks for your body to adjust after you stop masturbating. Without sufficient rest, you risk developing sleep disorders, which can include difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, frequent awakenings, poor daytime functioning and irritability. Those who suffer from nightmares may also find that their condition worsens after stopping masturbation.
While masturbation certainly affects your sleep patterns, it may not be as harmful as you’d think. Research shows that masturbation doesn’t shorten the length of time it takes you to fall asleep or interfere with your ability to wake up naturally during the morning hours.
In addition, masturbation itself shouldn’t cause any lasting side effects unless you engage in risky behaviors, like using unsafe products or unprotected sex. Using lube can cut down on vaginal dryness and soreness, and condoms can offer additional protection against infection.
So before you start stroking away, make sure you’re practicing safe sex practices, such as wearing barriers like gloves and dental dams during oral sex and always using water-based lubricant to prevent transmission of STDs and HIV. Also, remember that masturbation doesn’t replace intercourse or cuddling with partners. You should only indulge in solo activities if you’re able to enjoy them responsibly and safely.”

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