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How Cold Is Too Cold To Swim

by Lyndon Langley
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How Cold Is Too Cold To Swim

How Cold Is Too Cold To Swim

You may want to consider wearing a wetsuit when the air temperature is in between 70 and 75 degrees. Anything below this, like 81 or above makes it feel cold water- not enjoyable for swimming!

Best Wetsuit For Swimming In Cold Water

A cold water wetsuit is a must have for any diver who likes to stay close to the surface. The best ones are made of durable materials like neoprene (a rubber-like fabric) so they can withstand intense pressure and keep you dry no matter what depth your exploring at, while also making them comfortable enough that once zipped up it feels as though nothing else matters in this world!
2 different types: Roka Maverick Pro thermal suits which range 40° – 70 °F/ 6 ºC – 21º C; blueseventy fusion suits with their temps 50 – 80


What Air Temperature Is Too Cold To Swim

The water at the pool felt surprisingly cool to me on this hot summer day. It was 76 degrees Fahrenheit which is close enough for an Olympic competition, but not too bad considering how warm it can get! Water temperatures below 70 degrees should be treated with caution because they are considered dangerous by most people who have been conditioned their entire life long since childhood about what temperature water needs in order not die from hypothermia while swimming around during wintertime months when we all need some layer between us and nature’s elements just so that our bodies don’t Group Chat: “Dude where’s my floatie?”

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