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How Deep Can You Dive Without Decompression

by Lyndon Langley
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How Deep Can You Dive Without Decompression

How Deep Can You Dive Without Decompression

The dive depth of 40 meters is the deepest you can go without having to perform decompression stops on your way back up. The standard limit for ocean swimming in most countries, 130 feet or 10m (32 Yards), will not cause any problems but if we’re talking deep sea diving then it’s best not go beyond this point as there isn’t enough air available at these depths – which would also mean an uncomfortable amount time spent underwater!

Can You Die From The Bends

“Dying from the bends can happen when you’re diving too deep. A scuba diver in Greece died because of decompression sickness.”

Why Is It Called The Bends

Decompression sickness is called the “bends” because afflicted divers characteristically bend forward at their hips due to joint and bone pain it causes. The condition occurs when deep sea divers ascend too quickly or fail recognize that they have gone below depths where air cannot yet support life without assistance from special equipment such as tanks filled with enriched oxygen levels required for human consumption on long cruises underwater . It also goes by another name – decomp stressing illness- which makes this article all about explaining what exactly happens during Deco

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