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How Do I Stop My Earrings From Smelling

by Lyndon Langley
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How Do I Stop My Earrings From Smelling

How Do I Stop My Earrings From Smelling

What do you get when you mix together the words “earring”, “clean” and “smell”? Well if it’s not one thing, it must be another — earrings that smell bad!
Ear jewelry is used by many people for such diverse purposes as fashion accessories, decorations or even medical reasons. Some people wear their earrings every day to work, while others only wear them on special occasions. Regardless of why you choose to wear earrings, there are some things you should know about how they affect your body. One of the most common problems people complain about is odors.
There are several factors which contribute to this problem. The first factor is bacteria growth. Bacteria thrive in moist environments like those found around the ears where moisture collects and causes odor. Another factor contributing to smelly earrings is sweat. Sweat carries natural bacteria along with it wherever it goes. And since sweat gets trapped between your earring post and the skin surrounding it, the bacteria multiply rapidly. This creates an environment in which bacteria flourish and cause unpleasant smells. Finally, earrings also collect dirt and oils from the outside world, including hair spray, perfume, makeup and other substances. When dirt and oil find their way into cracks and crevices between the earring posts and the skin surrounding them, they provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria produce toxins that can irritate your skin and lead to infections. So what can you do? Cleaning your piercings regularly with warm water and soap can help prevent these buildups and keep your piercings fresh and clean.
If you are already suffering from a case of nasty smelling ear piercing, then you can wash your earlobe under warm running water, using an anti-bacterial cleanser. Try washing your earrings after each wearing, but before putting them away. Also make sure to dry your earrings thoroughly so that no water remains behind. If possible, hang your earrings over a towel or use a gentle drying agent such as cotton swabs instead of tissue paper to avoid transferring any lingering dampness to your earring hooks. After cleaning your earrings, try placing them in a sealed plastic bag for two days to allow them time to air out completely. Then put your earrings back in their box and store them properly until you need them again.
In addition to keeping your earrings clean, you can take extra steps to protect yourself from getting sick. For example, be careful about touching your face whenever possible. Avoid sharing personal items, such as razors and towels, with someone who has a cold. You may also want to consider avoiding contact sports in general. People participating in contact sports are more susceptible to infections because of all the blood being shed during play. Injuries sustained during contact sports can also result in infected wounds.
And don’t forget about hygiene at home. Wash your hands frequently, especially before eating. Don’t share utensils or cups with anyone. Use separate forks, spoons and knives for each person at meals. Keep food covered and refrigerated. Shower daily (or as often as needed) to remove dirt and perspiration. Be particularly cautious about showering immediately following exercise, since you’ll likely be shedding sweat for hours afterward.
Another important step you can take to reduce the amount of bacteria on your earrings is to clean them carefully. Before hanging up your earrings, make sure everything is connected securely. Only fasten one side of the earring post through the earlobe once it’s been adjusted. This will help minimize any debris that might fall down inside the earring. Never let your earrings dangle freely, however; dangling earrings have long been implicated in cases of infection. To ensure proper fit, check your earrings against your ears. Make sure the posts go deep enough to reach the cartilage underneath. It’s also good practice to inspect your earrings periodically for signs of damage and wear.
Now you’re equipped with knowledge to help you maintain healthy ears and earrings free of unsightly bacteria and foul odors. But remember, prevention is still key — you shouldn’t wait until your earrings start stinking to take action. Instead, keep your earrings clean and well maintained to keep your earlobes happy and healthy.
For centuries, women have adorned themselves with earrings. Earrings were made from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and copper. Today, modern technology allows us to purchase inexpensive earrings crafted from plastic, metal, glass beads and clay. Whatever type of earrings you choose to adorn yourself with, follow the guidelines above to keep your earrings clean and smelling sweet.

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