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How Does Acid Rain Affect Humans

by Annabel Caldwell
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How Does Acid Rain Affect Humans

How Does Acid Rain Affect Humans

Acid rain is bad for the environment, but it can also cause a whole range of other problems. These include acidification in lakes and rivers; death or impairment to fish habitats as well as damage to buildings made from acidic materials such like cement-based paints – which may end up costing more because you have renovating two separate times with different colours
The pollution that causes this type of situation (limitations on biodiversity) ultimately affects human health too! People who breathe ground level ozone don’t just suffer respiratory ailments: It leads them into developing pneumonia bronchi

Acid Rain Effects On Human

Acid rain is a natural byproduct of sulfur dioxide and other industrial emissions, but it has the potential to cause disease. That’s why we need air quality standards that protect our lungs from particles in order not only prevent asthma or bronchitis – which can develop after exposure – but also help people live more comfortably all around!

How Can Acid Rain Affect Buildings?

Acid rain is a powerful, destructive force that can ruin buildings made of limestone or marble. It causes acid corrosion to these materials and may dissolve them if they are exposed over time to this form of pollution in addition with making sulfurous acids out water molecules which then dissolves calcium based compounds found within stone quarry waste like sandstone too!

What Is The Ph Of Rain

“Forget about pH, the true measure of acidity is relative to concentration. Rain with a solution that measures 1% can cause serious damage because there would be 11 drops in 10 bottles containing just water.”

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