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How Many Glutathione Injections Should I Take

by Lyndon Langley
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How Many Glutathione Injections Should I Take

How Many Glutathione Injections Should I Take

Glutathione is a naturally occurring compound found in every cell of your body, and it plays an important role in many different areas of health. It’s responsible for keeping the cells healthy by protecting them from damaging free radicals.
Unfortunately, it has been depleted in our modern society due to poor food choices, environmental toxins, prescription drugs, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, stress levels, and even aging itself. The result? We suffer from more disease and sickness than ever before. This is why we need to supplement with extra glutathione.
The reason why you’re reading this article right now is because you want to know how often you should receive glutathione injections. Well there are no hard fast rules on this, but here are some guidelines that will help you determine what works best for your lifestyle.
1-3 Times Per Week
Most people who have taken up supplementation with glutathione have done so after hearing about its benefits through word of mouth. Others may have used it as a preventative measure to keep their bodies healthier longer.
Either way, most people find that they see the greatest benefit when taking it once or twice weekly. If you’ve never tried it, then give it a shot! You can always go back down to one injection if you feel like you aren’t seeing any results. There is no harm in giving yourself the full treatment each day if that makes you feel better.
If you do decide that you’d rather take less frequently, then consider using a combination of injections. For example, you could split the dose between two days or make it a three-day cycle.
This isn’t necessary, however. What matters most is finding out what works best for your lifestyle. And while there are no strict rules regarding this, most doctors agree that you should be getting at least one injection per week if not daily.
4 Weeks To See Results
It takes time to build up enough glutathione in your system to support all the processes going on inside of your body. So don’t expect immediate results. Most people report feeling a difference within 4 weeks, though.
If you haven’t already experienced noticeable changes within four weeks, then you probably won’t notice much improvement until several months pass. That said, if you think you might be lacking in glutathione, then take action today.
You can also use this timeline as a general guideline for determining how long it’ll take to experience other health improvements. Since glutathione supports a variety of bodily functions, it really depends on which ones you want to focus on.
For instance, if you just started working out, you may only see slight gains within four weeks. But if you improved your diet and eliminated toxic substances, you could see significant changes within a month.
So when deciding whether or not you should get glutathione injections, remember to look at where you are currently. Then work toward improving those areas first. Your current state will tell you what needs to come next.
How Often Should I Get Glutathione Injections
Now that we’ve discussed how often you should take glutathione injections, let’s talk about how often you should schedule these treatments.
There are no hard fast rules on this. However, since glutathione is such a powerful antioxidant, we typically suggest injecting it multiple times per week.
Once per week seems to be the average amount of times per week most people inject. Some people choose to get injections every 2 or 3 days while others wait 7 days between sessions.
What does matter is that you inject regularly and consistently. Don’t skip injections without warning or else your body will lose its ability to absorb them. Also, don’t overdo it either. Overdoing it means injecting too much at once or injecting too often.
Both of these scenarios cause side effects that you don’t want to deal with. So try to stick to the recommended doses and intervals. As mentioned earlier, there are no hard fast rules.
Reasons Why People Choose Not To Supplement With Glutathione
There are plenty of reasons why people choose not to take supplemental glutathione. Here are a few common ones…
“I’m fine without taking anything.”
While most people who take supplements feel a little bit better for having done so, sometimes people feel perfectly fine without any added assistance. These people usually tend to prefer to avoid unnecessary medications and procedures.
However, we would argue that this is a mistake. Taking a simple vitamin is far better than doing nothing at all. After all, our bodies require vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to function properly. They are essential building blocks for life.
Your choice to take a vitamin instead of eating nutrient-rich foods is tantamount to refusing medicine whenever you fall ill. Would you rather live your whole life sickly and unhealthy or live well and fit?
“I don’t have money to spend on supplements.”
Another common reason people don’t take supplements is due to financial limitations. While there are certainly cheaper alternatives available (like buying cheap bulk items off eBay), spending $50 for a single vial of glutathione doesn’t seem very feasible.
But again, we would strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their overall health to consider taking the extra steps needed to ensure optimum wellness. A small investment is worth making in order to reap big rewards later.
“I don’t like needles.”
Some people don’t enjoy sitting around with a needle in their arm. And while shots aren’t necessarily painful, they can still be uncomfortable.
Fortunately, there are newer methods of delivery that don’t involve actual injections. One option includes placing drops under your tongue, allowing you to continue whatever activity you were engaged in during the injection session.
Another method involves dissolving glutathione into edible oil capsules that you eat. Both options allow you to quickly absorb the nutrients without the hassle of injections.
As previously stated, there are no hard fast rules when it comes to glutathione injections. Just follow the recommendations above to figure out what works best for your lifestyle.

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