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How Many People Have Foot Fetish

by Lyndon Langley
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How Many People Have Foot Fetish

How Many People Have Foot Fetish

No matter what your gender or sexual orientation, it’s likely you’ve thought about feet at least once — maybe even several times throughout the day.
There are all sorts of foot fetishes that can range from mild to extreme. But even if you’re not interested in anything kinky, you might enjoy thinking about someone else’s feet while they’re getting their toes sucked by an eager lover. Or perhaps you like looking down when someone gives you a sensual foot massage. Some people prefer to be tied up with socks and stockings; others would rather get naked and experience hands-on pleasure.
In fact, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research, more than one in seven Americans have fantasies involving feet. The research also found that women were far more likely to think about feet than men, with 13 percent of American women saying they had foot fetish fantasies compared to just 7 percent of American men.
The researchers surveyed 1,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who live across the United States using an online questionnaire. They asked respondents whether they had ever experienced any type of foot fetish fantasy, such as wanting to touch another person’s bare feet or having sex with another person wearing high heels. One in four admitted to experiencing a foot fetish at some point in their lives, while more than half said they hadn’t.
It’s important to note that this isn’t necessarily a reflection on how many people are actually attracted to feet. In addition to the small sample size, the study only polled self identified participants, which means there could be a higher rate of misreporting among those who don’t identify as heterosexual. For example, if you’re gay but haven’t disclosed to anyone around you, then you may fear judgement for admitting to something so personal.
“Foot fetishes are common because we find them appealing,” says Dr. David Ley, author of numerous books including “Why Men Love Women”, “Feminine Beauty Secrets That Will Make Him Fall in Love With You Again And Again!”, and “Why Men Cheat.” He told us via email, “Men love feeling feminine, especially around other men. If you look good in sexy lingerie, shoes, makeup, perfume, etc., he will want you in bed! It takes time and practice, but most women know these things instinctively…And no man wants to feel rejected or taken advantage of.”
Dr. Ley says that while foot fetishes aren’t inherently harmful, they should always be approached within a safe space.
“If you are worried about him cheating on you, then tell him,” he writes. “But if you are concerned about his mental health, then try talking to a therapist before you do anything physical. When you start exploring foot fetishes, you may discover that you have a lot of pent-up anger toward your partner. This can make you very frustrated and angry. Your boyfriend may feel too overwhelmed by your sudden interest in him. Plus, when you go to see your doctor, she may say ‘no’ to your request for help. So, I recommend first going to a trusted friend or family member who has been supportive over the years instead.”
Aimee Rydall, psychotherapist and author of “My Husband Hates My Feet: How to Deal with Disappointment & Heartbreak After His Infidelity,” agrees that couples need to approach conversations about foot fetishes together. She also recommends finding a therapist who can work through issues related to intimacy and sexuality.
“As long as both partners are open-minded, there is absolutely nothing wrong with discussing foot fetishes, especially if one partner is curious about them,” she tells us. “However, when the topic comes up without proper preparation, it can cause conflict. Couples often end up blaming themselves, which can lead to resentment and distance. Instead, find a therapist who understands these kinds of topics.”
While foot fetishes are generally seen as harmless or even romantic, the same cannot be said for actual foot jobs — also known as pedicures — performed by strangers. These activities typically involve someone giving you money to let them use their dirty, smelly feet on you. While this kind of service is legal in certain states, it can be dangerous if done without adequate protection like gloves or disinfectant.
Dr. Ley notes that while it’s possible to have a foot job done professionally, it’s usually less expensive to do it yourself at home, although maintaining cleanliness is paramount.
“You could buy a pair of cute little flip flops, change into your own nice panties (or thong) and give yourself a pedicure while watching a chick flick!” he suggests. “Or you could wear a nice dress, put on some nice fragrant perfume, slip off your underwear or take off your bra, lay back and relax for a few minutes and imagine your man doing nasty things to your pretty feet. What does your heart desire? Do you want him to kiss the tops of your feet, run his fingers through your hair, bite your toes, lick your soles, suck on your toes, etc.? Maybe he likes seeing your legs spread wide apart, showing him your puffy pink inner thighs?”
If you’re wondering why anyone would pay someone else to touch their feet, Dr. Ley explains that it’s partly due to cultural expectations.
“We have been taught since childhood that our feet stink, they smell bad, they must be washed daily to keep them smelling fresh, and that they are repulsive and ugly. We literally hate our feet!” he says. “So, we avoid them at all costs. Even if we are comfortable with our feet, we just don’t want anyone else to see them.”
But, Dr. Ley adds, people shouldn’t feel ashamed to admit enjoying being touched by someone else’s feet.
“Just remember this: Our feet are the best part of our bodies, and they deserve respect and appreciation,” he says. “They are beautiful and elegant. They do wonderful things for us every single day. Treat them right, and you’ll reap great rewards.”
Feeling guilty about your foot fetish? Don’t worry. There are ways to explore your desires safely. First, consider checking in with a professional, such as a medical doctor or psychologist, to determine whether you have a legitimate foot fetish. Once you’re sure, here are some tips to follow.
1. Start slow. While you may have dreamed about someone touching your feet since you were a child, it’s unlikely you’ll be ready for full immersion until after you’ve become comfortable with your foot fetish. Try starting out with simple massages, or asking someone to lightly brush your feet from toe to heel. This way, you can gradually build up to more intense activity.
2. Set boundaries. Discuss with your partner where you draw the line. Perhaps you’d like to ask for foot rubs during quiet moments alone, or limit playtime to specific parts of the house. Either way, it’s important to set clear guidelines for yourself and your partner to maintain mutual safety.
3. Get creative. Take turns playing with each other’s feet. Ask your partner to give you a foot massage, or offer to give them yours. Share a blanket and indulge yourselves in front of the TV or computer screen. Play with your partner’s toes or calluses. Experiment with different types of sensations, such as tickling, sucking, biting, running fingers up and down, or standing on tip-toes.
4. Keep track of your progress. Consider keeping a journal to document your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. You may find it helpful to share your writings with your partner.

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