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How Many Vials Of Kybella Do You Need

by Lyndon Langley
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How Many Vials Of Kybella Do You Need

How Many Vials Of Kybella Do You Need

Kybella® has been a highly sought after cosmetic procedure for those who are looking to improve their appearance without the invasive surgery that many people have had in the past. In addition to being less expensive than surgical procedures such as breast augmentation or liposuction, it can also help you maintain the natural contour and shape of your body while improving the overall look of your face. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not Kybella® is right for you.
If you’ve done any research on this topic, you may know that Kybella® is an FDA approved fat removal solution used by thousands of women all over the world. It uses special injection techniques and solutions to reduce fat cells in specific areas of the body through the use of tiny injections. This process works well to remove stubborn fat from problem areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttock, arms, neck and chin. Patients often report feeling fuller for longer periods of time because they don’t feel hungry due to how effective this fat reduction method truly is.
The good news is that there are no major side effects associated with this treatment, and if you’re interested in trying this option out then you should contact us today so we can schedule a complimentary consultation. During this session, Dr. Brownstein will discuss your health history, current medications, goals for weight loss and answer any questions you might have about the procedure. He will also evaluate the area where you want to get treated.
Now that we’ve discussed what exactly this procedure entails, let’s talk about how many vials of Kybella® do you really need?
Most patients will need 2-3 vials of Kybella® per treatment. Each vial is priced at $600. The average woman will need 2 vials per treatment, with most men needing 3 vials per treatment of Kybella®. Again, this will be determined at your consultation.
What does “vial” mean? Well, each patient receives one dose of Kybella® injected into his/her desired area. Therefore, in order for your fat cells to be effectively destroyed, you’ll need multiple doses spread throughout your treatment period (usually 4). We typically recommend that our patients receive 2-3 vials total during this course of treatment. This will give you maximum results and allow for optimal fat cell destruction.
So now that you understand more about the number of vials needed, here are some other tips to consider before scheduling your first appointment with us:
1) Are you healthy enough to undergo this treatment? If you experience high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, circulation problems, kidney issues, liver disease, severe allergies, etc., then you shouldn’t try this procedure unless your doctor gives you the OK. Your physician will make sure that you meet all necessary medical requirements prior to having this procedure performed.
2) Have you lost significant amounts of weight recently? If you’ve just lost 5 pounds or more within the last 6 months, this could affect your ability to achieve proper anesthesia levels during your procedure. Some patients who lose large amounts of weight quickly may require additional sedatives to ensure safe recovery.
3) Will you be able to remain still during your procedure? If you have very active muscles, tight clothing or anything else constricting your movements, then you should call ahead and ask for something loose fitting. We recommend wearing comfortable underwear and a sports bra, but nothing too tight. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to move around much during this procedure.
4) Be prepared to provide detailed information regarding any medications you take daily. Our doctors will review everything you tell them in regards to your health, diet and lifestyle habits. They will adjust your care accordingly based upon these factors.
5) Lastly, don’t forget that every person reacts differently to treatments. Every patient will have different needs, wants and expectations. As a result, it’s always best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in noninvasive fat loss procedures such as Kybella®, instead of trying to find someone locally who is willing to perform this type of work. While many physicians offer this service, they may lack the training required to properly treat you. Additionally, since there isn’t a lot of data available to compare results between patients, it’s hard to determine which methods work better for certain individuals. For example, two patients who both weigh 200 lbs. may respond differently to their respective treatments. One may gain significant inches off her waistline and another may notice little change in size. There are a variety of reasons why these differences occur. First of all, everyone is unique; therefore, no two bodies react alike. Secondly, fat distribution varies greatly among people. Some people carry excess fat around the midsection, while others store it towards the legs. Thirdly, genetics play a big role in determining the amount of fatty tissue stored on your body. Last but certainly not least, metabolism plays a key role in how fast your body breaks down food, which affects how quickly you will see results.
With the above mentioned points in mind, it’s clear that finding a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in noninvasive fat loss procedures such as Kybella® is absolutely critical for achieving positive outcomes. At our office, we pride ourselves in providing only the best possible services to our patients. We believe in educating our patients thoroughly about the procedure, showing them pictures of before and after photos, explaining risk factors and potential complications, and helping them reach realistic expectations. We hope that this article helps guide you toward making the right decision for yourself and accomplishing your personal fitness goals. All the best!

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