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How Much Is Electrolysis Hair Removal

by Lyndon Langley
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How Much Is Electrolysis Hair Removal

How Much Is Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a popular method for removing unwanted hair on the face or body. It’s also known as galvanic stimulation therapy (GST), which refers to using electricity to remove hair. The use of this technique dates back at least 100 years, but it had fallen out of favor until recently because the price was too high. Now, however, the costs have dropped significantly. In fact, some dermatologists estimate that they can now get away with charging only about half what others charge for an identical service.
The process is quite simple: A technician applies heat to your skin where you want the hair removed, causing follicles to open up and hairs to fall out. You’ll experience mild discomfort during the procedure, but most people say it isn’t painful enough to warrant anesthesia. Afterward, there may be some redness and scabbing, but the results are usually permanent.
If you’re considering electrolysis hair removal treatment, here are answers to common questions we receive from patients who’ve heard about the process through word of mouth:
What does electrolysis do?
In short, electrolysis works by applying direct current electricity to your hair follicle, causing it to die and eventually fall off. This kills the root of the hair, which prevents new growth and makes the hair fall out naturally. Most electrolytists will tell you that electrolysis doesn’t cause any damage to surrounding tissue; in fact, many claim that it actually improves the overall appearance of the skin.
Who uses electrolysis?
It goes without saying that electrolysis is used mostly by women — both men and women tend to seek out electrolysis services when they notice ingrown eyelashes or eyebrows starting to grow back after waxing. Also, since electrolysis is often performed on facial hair, many women choose to undergo electrolysis hair removal treatments before getting facials or having their makeup done. Some medical professionals even recommend electrolysis for those with darker skin tones who suffer from hyperpigmentation caused by melanin buildup.
Is electrolysis expensive?
Although prices vary widely depending on location, average cost per one-hour session of electrolysis typically ranges between $50 and $125 per hour. Of course, you should always factor in additional expenses such as travel time, parking fees, tip, etc., but as a general rule, electrolysis is not terribly costly. In addition, if you elect to go under local anesthesia rather than pain medication, your total bill could drop considerably. For example, an individual undergoing electrolysis under local anesthesia would pay approximately 20 percent less than someone receiving the same service under sedation.
How much training is needed to become an electrolytic therapist?
Training varies from state to state, but most states require some sort of degree or certificate to practice electrolysis. Usually, technicians must complete either a two-year diploma program or a four-year undergraduate nursing degree before becoming certified. Certification exams are offered by the International Society for Laser Therapy & Electrolysis (ISLTE). To keep track of continuing education credits, ISLTE members must sign up online for periodic updates at the organization’s website.
How long does it take to see results?
Most clients report seeing results within three weeks, although some report taking up to six months. Results depend on the number of sessions you schedule and the length of time between sessions. Keep in mind, though, that hair regrowth tends to occur quickly for individuals whose follicles are more active.
Does electrolysis hurt?
No matter how experienced an electrolytic specialist might be, he or she will inform you ahead of time whether you need to shave beforehand. Although some people find shaving uncomfortable, it shouldn’t pose a problem if you follow your technician’s instructions. If you aren’t sure whether you need to shave, ask your technician first.
If I don’t like my electrolysis practitioner, can I switch therapists?
Yes, you certainly can! Each state has its own licensing requirements and standards, so make sure to check your state’s guidelines to ensure that you’re comfortable with the person performing your service. If you feel that your electrolysis practitioner is doing things differently than his or her peers, contact your state board directly to complain.
Can electrolysis help me lose weight?
Absolutely! Many celebrities swear by electrolysis for losing weight, and while there’s no evidence to support the claim, it couldn’t hurt to try it yourself. First, you should consult your doctor to determine whether electrolysis is safe and appropriate for you. Second, remember that all types of electrolysis — whether it’s permanent hair removal or tanning beds — involve exposure to radiation. As such, avoid these procedures altogether if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive. Finally, if you decide to give electrolysis a shot, be aware that hair regrowth tends to happen faster for people whose follicles are more active.
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Some people believe that electrolysis causes cancer, but recent studies show that this fear is unfounded.

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