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How To Date An Older Woman

by Kristin Beck
How To Date An Older Woman

How To Date An Older Woman

“If your goal is to date an older woman, it’s important to understand that there will be some differences in how things work with someone several decades or generations beyond our own.
First off, this isn’t about chasing after old ladies! That may sound like a good idea if you’ve been watching too many sitcoms, but dating an older woman means knowing what works best when dating someone so much different than yourself. It’s not about trying to fix her up; it’s about being aware of certain limitations, and understanding why she might act differently from other people.
Older women often know their minds well, and respect boundaries. They don’t want to feel pressured into anything. So, before approaching them, make sure you’re ready to take whatever comes — whether it’s a rejection or acceptance. If you aren’t interested in pursuing something further, then move along without any drama. This isn’t high school anymore. We’re adults.
Also keep in mind that no matter how attractive they are, older women are still human beings. There are limits to how far they’ll go, and sometimes those limits include turning down a man. When you see these signs, you should back away slowly while making eye contact. You never know when she could break out into a fit of tears. And even though she probably won’t cry over you, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B in case she does.
The following tips are based on my personal experience dating women both younger and older. I’m 27 years old, and I dated a woman 20 years older than me for a year and half. Here’s what we learned.
Be Yourself.  Don’t try to impress her with material possessions. She knows you’re successful, so don’t worry about showing her your bank account. Also, don’t pretend to be cool or mysterious. As long as you’re honest, you shouldn’t run into any problems.
Have Fun Together. It’s all about chemistry. If you two get along really well, you’ll enjoy spending time together. Don’t waste opportunities by focusing on “”getting”” her. Focus instead on having fun. Get excited about life together.
Keep Things Casual. Keep the physical aspect of your relationship casual. Never let yourself get carried away. Just because she’s older doesn’t mean she wants to jump into bed with you right away.
Make Sure You Both Have Something In Common. The most common thing men find appealing about women of all ages is that they’re usually smart. Ask her intelligent questions. Find out about what she likes and dislikes, and ask her advice. Show interest in her hobbies and aspirations. Don’t ignore her interests simply because you think you’re smarter.
Know What Her Boundaries Are. A lot of times, when you approach an older woman, she’ll react negatively. She may be resistant to meeting new people, or she may be uncomfortable with you physically. Some women also prefer privacy at certain times. Know what hers are, and respect them.
Give Her Space. Dating an older woman requires patience. If you constantly bug her, pester her, or follow her around everywhere she goes, she’ll eventually push you away. Instead, give her space. Let her do her own thing. Take a walk with friends, read a book, or watch TV. Don’t call her every day asking her out. Give her room to breathe. You’ll be surprised how much nicer she’ll treat you when you give her some breathing room.
Understand Why Women Become More Independent With Age. Most women become more independent as they age. They realize they need to stand on their own feet. They come to terms with the fact that they can’t rely on a guy forever. Many older women are more comfortable with themselves and confident in their ability to handle life. Don’t expect her to change. If she seems standoffish, you may need to ease up on the pressure.
Stay Positive. Even though she’s older, don’t treat her like a child. Think positive thoughts about everything. Treat her like an adult. Look forward to seeing her, rather than looking at the clock anxiously waiting for her to leave.
Appreciate Her Knowledge. Appreciation is a big part of getting along with anyone. When you appreciate someone, you show that you value them. Your appreciation will help build trust between you two. Try to listen more than talk. Listen to her opinions, and discuss topics openly.
Be Respectful Of Other People. It’s natural for guys to get jealous, especially when you start dating an older woman. But remember, you’re here for one reason only: to have fun. Enjoy your time together, and always stay focused on each other.
And finally… Don’t chase after old ladies! No matter how beautiful they may look, they deserve to be treated like everyone else.
What did we learn? Stay true to yourself, be respectful, and have fun. Follow these guidelines and you’ll soon find that dating an older woman isn’t so hard after all.
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