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How To Finger Yourself For The First Time

by Kristin Beck
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How To Finger Yourself For The First Time

How To Finger Yourself For The First Time

“The first time I ever fingered myself was about three years ago when my friend invited me to her college dorm room for what she called “a little fun.” She started masturbating on her bed and then we moved onto the floor where I took charge by guiding her hands to my breasts and instructing her how to touch them. We both got aroused pretty quickly, so after making out for awhile we proceeded back to her bed.  I started fingering her again and it wasn’t long before she orgasmically exclaimed, “Ohhhh, yes! Ohhhhhh! You can do better than that!” And with those words she came hard.
This happened about two months later at another party. When it was all said and done, I learned that not only did I have an insatiable appetite for self-pleasure but also that I could bring myself to multiple orgasms fairly easily.
Now, after more than four years of having intercourse with my boyfriend, I still find myself getting turned on just thinking about our sexual escapades. In fact, whenever he does something that gets me off, I ask him to repeat it because I find the experience so enjoyable. However, I also like to take control during sex and sometimes I will use my fingers to pleasure myself instead of relying solely on his penis (which I love).
There are so many reasons why women enjoy pleasuring themselves, such as relieving stress, increasing vaginal lubrication, releasing endorphins and even preventing pregnancy. But one reason that most women aren’t aware of is that they can build up their own confidence through masturbation. If you haven’t tried fingering yourself yet, here are some tips for doing it right.
First things first, make sure that you have a clean hand free from bacteria. Although you want to be gentle with yourself, you should refrain from using nail polish remover or soap to lather up your hands. Instead, wash them thoroughly before you begin fingering yourself. After washing, rinse your hands under cool running water for 30 seconds, and apply antibacterial lotion. Next, dry your hands gently with a soft towel or paper towels.
Next, gather a few items needed for masturbation, such as a nice pair of panties, a silk scarf, a blindfold or nipple tassel cords to tie around your nipples. A good idea would be to also grab a small mirror, which will allow you to see exactly what you’re doing without having to look away from the action.
You’ll need a flat surface upon which to place your body; however, there’s no need to worry about finding a spot free from distractions. Just be sure that whatever surface you choose is private. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to get down on your knees in order to masturbate. There are other options as well, such as sitting on a toilet seat, standing against your dresser or lying on your side. Whatever works best for you.
Once you’ve chosen a suitable location, spread your legs apart slightly to create enough space between your genitals and the edge of the surface you chose. Then slowly lower your buttocks down toward the surface until your bottom makes contact with it. Once this occurs, bend forward slightly, keeping your head upright. Keep your arms straight and place your palms firmly on the ground below your hips. Now raise your torso up off the ground and move your pelvis upward to meet your thighs. Hold this position for a moment, allowing your muscles to adjust to the new position.
After relaxing, start by focusing on your breathing. Take several slow breaths in and out through your nose. While inhaling, focus on your abdomen expanding and contracting, imagining filling up with air. As you exhale, imagine emptying out of breath through your mouth. Do this for five minutes or longer, depending on how much time you have available.  While practicing relaxation exercises, it’s important to remember that physical tension can cause discomfort and pain. Therefore, try to relax every muscle in your body.
If you’d rather, you can close your eyes while performing these steps. Doing so allows you to concentrate fully on your imagination, which leads to heightened sensations.
When you feel ready, slowly rub your fingertips across your labia (the outer folds of your vulva) in circles from left to right, and vice versa. Start at the top and work your way downward to the bottom. Remember to breathe deeply throughout this process. Try moving faster or slower depending on how sensitive you become.
Remember that masturbation isn’t meant to last forever, so don’t be afraid to stop if you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. If you decide to stop, try to return to your original state of calmness afterward.
As mentioned earlier, I used to rely solely on my partner’s penis to give me orgasms, but since I began experimenting with fingering myself about two months ago I now reach climax more often than I used to. It’s been interesting learning all about the different ways I can please myself. So go ahead and explore your sexuality. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover something new you didn’t know you liked!
Have you ever experimented with fingering yourself? Did you learn anything new? What kinds of techniques do you prefer? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.”

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