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How To Finger Yourself Men

by Kristin Beck
How To Finger Yourself Men

How To Finger Yourself Men

“I am going to share with you how to finger yourself men using the “g-spot technique”. This method can be used by both women and men but it is more effective for men who have never done this before. It is easier than you think once you know what you are doing. The process is simple and easy to follow. Just like learning how to tie a tie, if you do it right you will get the hang of it in no time at all.
There are many methods out there that teach different ways to stimulate this area. Some people use their fingers while others use sex toys. In my opinion, the best way to learn is hands on. With this said, let’s begin!
1. Lay flat on your back and raise your knees bent and facing up so they point up high in the sky. (You may want to put something under your hips) 2. Apply lube.. 3. Start my massaging your taint and slowly make your way to the entrance of your rectum. 4. If you are not yet stimulated or hornny, I recommend also touching your penis. 5. If entry into your rectum is tight or too painful, practice breathing techniques to become relaxed. 6. Once inside and about one or two knuckles deep, about two inches inside, angle your finger up as you should feel a round bulb of tissue, you’ve hit the prostate.
2. Gently massage around the g-spot in circles. You only need one finger, just keep moving it up and down. Don’t apply pressure.
3. Move your hand horizontally towards your stomach as you continue massaging your g spot. Your vagina should open naturally when you move upwards. Be careful here not to hurt yourself.
4. As soon as you reach the top of your rectum, stop pressing on. Now insert another finger and continue to gently massage around the g-spot. Do this for several minutes until you start feeling some arousal. Never go deeper than an inch.
5. When you’re ready, remove your middle finger from the g-spot. Insert your index finger and spread your vaginal lips apart with your other hand. Press against your clitoris with your palm, then massage it in small circular motions. Repeat this step several times.
6. When you are finished, remove your middle finger and insert your index finger again. Hold onto your testicles with your left hand, and grab hold of your penis with your right hand. Keep them firmly gripped together in your dominant hand, and pull your penis away from your body. Then take your non-dominant hand and place it over your lower abdomen. Grip your testicles tightly in your non-dominant hand, and stroke your penis upward toward the ceiling. Continue stroking in long strokes, always keeping your penis firm but not stiff. Alternate which hand does which job every few strokes.
7. Massage the head of your penis with your fingertips. Use short quick strokes and don’t forget the base.
8. When you are getting close, release your grip on your testicles and squeeze your PC muscle. Make sure you aren’t jerking off; you’ll know because your orgasm won’t happen.
9. After your ejaculation, try to relax. Let everything cool down and enjoy the moment. Give yourself plenty of time to recover.
10. Relax and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to fully embrace the sensations of pleasure without worrying about anything else.
11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 until you reach climax.
12. Enjoy your relaxation period after your orgasm.
13. Take note of where you would prefer to receive stimulation next time.
14. Remember, masturbation is self-pleasure and nobody needs to see you enjoying it. Masturbate in private, preferably somewhere quiet and comfortable.
15. There are many ways to masturbate and each person finds comfort in his/her own style. Experimenting is part of the fun!
16. Don’t rush things. Masturbation takes time, patience and understanding of oneself.
17. For those of you looking for a quick fix, please remember that masturbation provides significant health benefits. Not only does it reduce stress levels and anxiety, it also increases libido and overall well being. It improves concentration, energy levels and sleep quality. It helps regulate hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, which are key factors in maintaining sexual function during aging. Lastly, regular masturbation has been shown to protect cognitive functioning later in life.
18. Try incorporating Kegel exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for controlling urine flow and bowel movements. They also play a role in sexual intercourse. Strengthen these muscles by contracting and relaxing them vigorously several times per day. Exercises include pushing hard on the front wall of your bladder, squeezing your buttocks together, and clenching and unclenching your fists repeatedly.
19. Another great exercise is called “”the butterfly””. Begin by lying on your side with your bottom half propped up slightly on pillows. Place your arms behind your ears and bring your shoulder blades together. Clasp your hands together and interlock your fingers. Keeping your elbows locked and your shoulders relaxed, tighten your abs and press your pelvis upward toward the ceiling. At first, you might find it difficult to maintain your position. That’s OK! Just focus on your breath and try to stay calm. Slowly increase the intensity of the movement until you feel your pelvis beginning to lift. Repeat this sequence three times. Rest for 30 seconds between repetitions.
20. A third exercise that works the pelvic region is known as the “”cat”” exercise. Lie on your back with your legs extended straight up in the air and your feet together. On each side of your pelvis, grasp your ankles and bring your heels together. Tighten your abdominal muscles and contract your buttocks as much as possible. Next, contract your pelvic floor muscles forcefully and push your pelvis forward. Hold this position for five seconds, then rest for one second. Repeat this cycle ten times.
21. Breathe deeply to achieve a state of total relaxation. Deep breaths activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes healing and rejuvenation throughout your entire body.
22. Find a comfortable and stimulating position. Many people choose to lie on their backs with a pillow placed beneath their hips. Others prefer to sit upright on the edge of a bed or sofa. Some even opt for kneeling positions. Whatever feels most comfortable to you, simply allow your surroundings to dictate what type of position you assume.
23. Focus solely on your erotic fantasy. Concentrate completely on your desire and ignore any outside distractions.
24. When you are aroused and ready to climax, concentrate on feeling good, rather than thinking about specific details.
25. Feel free to experiment with positions. However, make sure that whatever position you adopt allows you to easily access your g-spot.
26. If you experience pain during masturbation, then you are either gripping your testicles/penis too tightly or applying pressure too aggressively. Try loosening your grip and reducing the amount of pressure applied.
27. Never skip meals, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, and drugs. All of these substances contain toxins that can cause impotence problems.
28. Have a plan for emergencies. Tell someone where you are going, when you expect to arrive, and how long you intend to spend there. Also tell him/her who you will contact if you miss your appointment.
29. Keep a pair of scissors handy. Trimming pubic hair keeps unsightly hairs from interfering with pleasurable activity.
30. Lube is vital for safe solo sex. Using lubricants can make penetration smoother, less painful, and more enjoyable.
31. Always use condoms during oral or manual stimulation. Condoms provide additional protection against pregnancy and STDs.
32. Consider wearing a condom over your erect penis prior to having penetrative sex. This prevents sperm entering the cervical mucus and making it harder for infections to occur. Sperm are usually present in the cervix for approximately six days following unprotected sex.
33. Avoid douches and feminine sprays. Douching irritates sensitive skin and makes it difficult for genital areas to remain moist. Spraying perfumes and deodorant directly onto genitals disrupts natural pH balance of the delicate genital tissues. Both douching and perfume spraying can burn the delicate skin surrounding the genitals.
34. Bathing daily reduces odor and enhances hygiene. Wash your genitals with mild soap and warm water to avoid irritation and infection. Rinse thoroughly to cleanse the surface of bacteria and other contaminants. Dry thoroughly afterwards.
35. Wear loose fitting pants, underwear and shirts made of cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture better than synthetic fibers.
36. Cleanliness is very important. Remove fecal matter promptly to prevent contamination of food items and surfaces. Wash your hands often, particularly after changing diapers. Pay particular attention to cleaning the anus and perineum.
37. Keep your genital area dry to decrease friction and”

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