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How To Get Rid Of Haters

by Lyndon Langley
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How To Get Rid Of Haters

How To Get Rid Of Haters

I am sure you have come across haters in your life time, maybe a friend, colleague or a family member. We all hate those who criticize us without knowing our situation. Those people whom we call haters can be anyone from our friends, colleagues, relatives to strangers on the street. It is really hard to deal with such people and it becomes more difficult when they start criticizing us.
We become defensive and try to justify ourselves while at times we tend to give up completely. But let’s not do that; there are many ways to handle this kind of situations. Here are some tips for dealing with haters.
– First thing first, stay cool! When someone starts criticizing you just keep calm and don’t react at once. If you lose your temper then it might happen that you say something bad about yourself or even worse your child. So it is better to remain cool and not react immediately as you would probably regret later. Remember – “A fool and his money soon part”
– Don’t give them an excuse to criticize you further by telling them what they should do instead of blaming yourself. You should try to find out why they think you are wrong rather than putting the blame on yourself. Once you know your mistake, you can rectify it and change things around. Otherwise, you may end up being blamed for everything instead of taking responsibility for your own mistakes.
– Try to understand how they see you? Are they right or are they wrong? A simple way to figure out whether you are doing anything wrong is to ask others who know you well about your work and personal life. They would surely tell you if you are making any serious mistake. There are chances that they are also haters because everyone has enemies and haters too.
– Just accept the fact that there are haters in everyone’s lives. If you want to get rid of them then you need to learn how to control your anger and emotions. Anger and hatred make your mind unstable and lead to negative thoughts. Hatred makes you bitter and vengeful. While anger leads to retaliation and violence. Learn self-control and take help from positive thinkers in order to live peacefully.
– The best way to deal with haters is to simply ignore them. The easiest way to avoid haters is to simply ignore them. Ignore them and move along. This is the simplest way to deal with haters. You can also block them using social media or even use email filters.
– Another technique is to pretend that they are invisible. Pretend that they are not there and focus on your goal. No matter what happens, you shouldn’t lose hope. Never allow negativity to overwhelm you. Do whatever you can to overcome your problems and challenges.
– Sometimes, we feel angry at the criticism that we receive. However, deep down inside, we realize that these haters aren’t worth getting worked up over. We mustn’t forget that no human is perfect and everybody makes mistakes.
– Accept that you cannot please everyone. Some people will love you unconditionally while some will hate you. Accepting this reality can help you to stop trying to win everyone over. Life isn’t fair, and it never was.
– Think about what you’ve done right and concentrate on that. Focus on the positives in your life. Take pride in your accomplishments and achievements. You deserve respect and admiration.
– Stop focusing on what people think of you and concentrate on what you think of you. If you believe that you are worthy and good enough, then you are. If you’re not then you shouldn’t worry about what others think of you since you’ll be fine regardless.
– The key is not to listen to them or care what they think. That’s easy, but most people don’t seem to get it. Instead, focus on your goals, dreams, desires and passions. Be happy and follow your heart. Find happiness within yourself.
– One of my favorite quotes is, “Ignore the fools. Laugh at the laughables. Live your life.” People who criticize you are only haters. They are afraid of success and power. They envy you because you are successful and powerful.
– Most importantly, remember that haters are insecure. They need constant validation. They are incapable of accepting compliments and praise. They are jealous of you and wish they were you. So, don’t get discouraged. Let them go. Their comments mean nothing to you. Keep moving forward.
– Lastly, remind yourself that you are great and you are unique. Remind yourself that you are special and deserving of greatness. You are loved and valued, despite your flaws. Trust in yourself and your abilities. And, you’ll eventually reach your full potential.

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