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How To Kill Someone Without Getting Caught

by Kristin Beck
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How To Kill Someone Without Getting Caught

How To Kill Someone Without Getting Caught

“In the movie “”The Usual Suspects,”” Kevin Spacey’s character Keyser Soze says this one line that always stuck with me when I saw it. He was talking to another bad guy who had just killed a man on an airplane by shooting him through his seat. The other guy asked, “”Why did you shoot him?”” And Sozer replied, “”Because I didn’t have time to stop and ask if he wanted to buy any more tickets.”” In essence, Soze said, “”I only have two options – kill or be killed.””
That is true of most people who commit violent crimes against others. If they don’t kill someone, then they worry that someone else will kill them first. But there are times when you can actually make sure no one knows what happened. You can leave behind evidence that will lead investigators down a path where they’ll never see your tracks. Let’s look at some ways to do this.
First, let’s talk about how to avoid getting arrested. This is important because even though it may seem like you’re killing someone so no one ever finds out, you still need to report what you did. That way, law enforcement officials know that there’s been a crime committed and they can start their investigation.
Next, we’ll look at how to get away without leaving any kind of trail. This means not taking anything from the scene – no wallet, cell phone or keys. We’ll also look at things you should do after committing the murder.
Finally, we’ll discuss how to cover up any evidence left at the scene of the crime. This includes making sure everything looks normal, disposing of items that could possibly incriminate you and making sure your car isn’t sitting around looking suspicious.
Let’s get started.
Getting Arrested Is Not A Good Thing
If you think about it, you probably realize that committing a murder is going to attract attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it secretly or openly, people will find out about it. After all, you’ve just murdered someone! People will come running over you like a herd of buffalo charging across a field of grass.
So how can you prevent yourself from becoming an arrest target? One option is to use disposable weapons. These include guns, knives and bombs. They don’t hold as much value as something that you’d keep for long periods of time.
Another thing you can do is choose a public place to commit your crime. This makes it harder for police officers to catch you. Also, if a witness sees you committing a crime, they aren’t likely to call the cops. There are plenty of opportunities to hide things in public places.
For example, you can throw cash into trees, bushes or dumpsters. If you stick close to busy streets, you might toss money out of your car window while driving. Or if you’re walking along the street, you can drop piles of cash under benches, trash cans or newspaper dispensers.
You can even stuff stacks of $100 bills into purses, backpacks and shopping bags before placing them outside stores. Then, when you go inside, tell the clerk, “”There must be a mistake. Where’s my change?””
A good rule of thumb is to carry as little cash as possible. Leave your expensive jewelry at home. Keep a small amount of cash hidden in your vehicle, and then remove it when you’re done using it.
Once you’re finished, ditch the gun, knife or bomb. Get rid of it fast! Call a friend to pick it up.
Get Away From Your Crime Scene
When you’re involved in a murder, you usually need to clean up afterwards. For example, you may have blood splatter everywhere. You’ll need to wipe it up and dispose of it properly.
To make matters worse, witnesses often notice what has happened and will remember seeing you cleaning up. If you’re caught, they’ll testify against you. Law enforcement officials will put together a composite drawing based on photos taken of you during the cleanup process.
One solution is to wear gloves. Another idea is to clean up in a bathroom stall. Make sure to wash your hands afterward.
Don’t forget to check your surroundings. Look for spent shell casings, broken glass and bloody fingerprints. If you can, move valuable items far away, such as jewelry, electronics and firearms.
Dispose Of Evidence Left At The Murder Scene
After you’ve gotten away from the scene of the crime, you’ll probably spend some time trying to figure out what to do next. One thing you’ll definitely want to do is check out the victim’s body. This will give you clues about how the person died.
For example, gunshot victims sometimes die immediately. Other people recover slowly and are conscious throughout the entire ordeal. Still other individuals may suffer severe injuries, bleed heavily and appear lifeless.
Also, if you’re dealing with multiple murders, the bodies may have been moved. Some criminals may bury them in shallow graves. Others dump them in rivers or ocean waters. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to hide the corpse well.
Make sure to check underneath beds and in crawl spaces. Use duct tape to seal any holes. Don’t cut open the corpses. Instead, try to break bones until they shatter. Next, scoop out internal organs and smash them against rocks. Finally, burn the remains.
Have Fun With It
Murder isn’t easy. It requires planning, strategy and careful execution. Even if you don’t plan to pull off a major murder, you can still learn a lot about the criminal lifestyle if you play your cards right.
It’s very common for murderers to brag about what they did after the fact. This is especially true if the murder was particularly gruesome. Sometimes, these people become friends with each other and share stories of their adventures. If you hear such tales, don’t interrupt. Simply listen and nod occasionally.
But if you feel like sharing information, consider writing a book about your experience. Write anonymously. Tell your story without bragging. Remember, your readers won’t know who you are.
Now that we’ve discussed how to avoid getting caught, covered up the evidence and celebrated your accomplishments, we’ll move onto the final part of our discussion. What steps should you follow after committing a murder?
Your actions depend on what type of crime you committed. Generally speaking, however, here are a few tips.
If you’re guilty of kidnapping, rape or assault, contact authorities as soon as possible. Most jurisdictions require you to report your crimes within 24 hours.
If you’re guilty of murder, notify police officials immediately. If you can’t reach them, dial 911. Do not destroy evidence or attempt to hide the body.
Call a lawyer and turn yourself in. Ask for legal advice. Contact family members. Tell them what you’ve done.
Keep a journal detailing everything that occurred. Describe the perpetrator, motive, location, weapon used and outcome.
Write down details regarding the crime scene. Note any discrepancies between witness statements and physical evidence.
Do not lie to anyone. Lying ruins your credibility.
Tell the truth. Be truthful. No one needs to know what really happened.
Be thankful that you survived the incident. Try to live normally thereafter. Avoid spending too much time thinking about what you did.
Stay away from alcohol and drugs. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and increases your likelihood of saying stupid things. Drugs dull your senses and impair judgment.
These tips should help you survive your brush with death. Just remember, you took a life. You should have the decency to accept responsibility for your actions.”

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