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How To Make Vampire Fangs

by Kristin Beck
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How To Make Vampire Fangs

How To Make Vampire Fangs

“Vampires have been around for centuries — as long ago as the 15th century, there were stories about vampires who sucked blood through straws that had been inserted into their mouths. This method was later replaced by using hollowed out wooden sticks (or “”fang”” holders) to force the straw down into the mouth. The latter is still used today by most professional actors portraying vampires on film.
So how do you go about making your own vampire fangs? First, you’ll need some kind of sharp instrument to cut away at least part of your upper lip so that it will be large enough to fit over your lower front teeth. We’ve got some ideas for this below.
If the idea of cutting off part of your lip doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to consider other alternatives. One option is to use an artificial nail to hold your new fangs in place. Artificial nails are available at any craft store, and they’re easy to attach to your natural fingernails. Another option is to simply glue a piece of jewelry such as a ring, necklace or earring onto your existing incisors. If you don’t mind wearing sunglasses all night, you could even get away with just sticking decorative stickers or decals onto your teeth.
The best way to start creating your very own fangs is to grab yourself a pair of safety scissors and a small amount of dental floss. Cut several pieces of floss approximately 1/4 inch wide. Then cut each end slightly under length, leaving you with two short strands of floss. These should be roughly 3 – 4 inches long. Now take one of these strands and insert it into one side of your bottom front tooth until it reaches the gum line. Take another strand of floss and place it across the top of the first floss strand, then run it back toward the tongue side along the inside of the teeth. Pull tightly to close up the gap created by inserting the floss. Repeat this process for every single one of your bottom front teeth. A good tip is to keep the rest of your lips closed while doing this so that no stray bits of floss fall out.
Once you’ve finished wrapping the floss around your teeth, trim off the excess floss at the ends so that only a few inches remain. Next, remove the floss from within the gaps between your teeth. There may be some parts that hang free; if so, gently pull them upward to create more space between the teeth. Finally, carefully snip the remaining floss right where it meets the gum tissue. Your fangs should now resemble human teeth!
You can also add color to your fangs by dipping them in a red liquid coloring agent. Allow the mixture to completely absorb into the surface of the fangs before rinsing off thoroughly with warm water.
Now that your fangs are ready to wear, it’s time to assemble them. Before actually putting them on, however, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling anything related to food preparation. In addition to being a hygienic precaution, bacteria found in saliva can cause problems like gingivitis when left unchecked. It goes without saying that avoiding biting your fingers while eating is important too.
To put on your vampire fangs, moisten the underside of your tongue with saliva and slide the fangs underneath. Carefully push them against your lower lip until they sit firmly on your gums. Securely wrap the floss around the crowns of your teeth and clip securely at the base of the fangs. At this point, you’re ready to eat dinner… or not.
For those of us who aren’t quite comfortable going to bed with real vampire fangs hanging out of our mouths, there are a couple of options for simulating the effect. The first is to purchase cheap costume fangs online, which come in a variety of colors and styles. They usually feature metal tips and backs so that they won’t scratch your gums during sleep. Another alternative is to buy a pair of fake vampire fangs made of flexible plastic or rubber. These typically come with adhesive strips that allow you to stick them right onto your gums. Just remember to wash them before you wear them. And never bite anyone with them on.
Finally, if you’d prefer to avoid having fake fangs stuck in your mouth, you can always opt for a pair of real vampire fangs. Real vampire fangs are made of metal and are designed specifically to stay put even while you sleep. Professional actors often choose to wear special headpieces called “”vampire caps,”” which serve similar purposes to the fangs themselves. The downside to real vampire fangs is that they tend to be rather pricey. However, if you wear them professionally, odds are you’ll already be able to afford a pair.”

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