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How To Masterbate As A Woman

by Kristin Beck
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How To Masterbate As A Woman

How To Masterbate As A Woman

“Masterbating is great fun, but it can be hard to know how to do it properly if you have never done this before. There are many different ways of doing it, so it’s worth learning about all your options. It will also help you get used to masturbating with your hands, which is an important step towards becoming able to touch yourself without relying on others.
For most women, there are two main methods of self-pleasure that we use when alone at home – internal stimulation (vaginal intercourse) and external stimulation (masturbation). Most people prefer one method over another, depending on their personal preferences and what they find easiest. But some women like to try both because it helps them experience pleasure from more angles than just vaginally or externally. External stimulation involves using any sort of tool or object to stimulate the genitals, whereas internal stimulation refers to pleasuring oneself internally. The latter can include inserting fingers into the vagina or anus, as well as other activities such as fingering, clitoral stimulation and penetration by a penis.
External Stimulation Techniques
There are several different types of external stimulation that you can try. Some require little effort, while others take a bit of practice, but once you’ve mastered these basic techniques, you’ll be ready for more advanced options.
The first technique is called ‘fingering’. This involves gently rubbing the outside of your labia with your fingertips. First, start by placing your index finger between your vaginal lips, then slide your middle finger around inside your vagina until you feel the tip of your finger against your G spot. You should now begin moving your fingers back and forth along the walls of your vagina. Try alternating between having only your middle finger inserted and having both your middle and index fingers inserted at the same time.
Another option is to insert your middle finger up to the second knuckle, then move it in small circles around your G-spot. Then continue sliding it around the wall of your vagina; eventually, you’ll want to pull it out entirely. Alternatively, you could alternate between having your middle finger inserted and pulling it out completely, then putting it back in again.
You might also enjoy trying a vibrator. These usually consist of a long shaft with a powerful motor at the end. They’re typically shaped like a cock or banana shape, so make sure you choose a model that feels right for you. When you hold it against your vulva, you should feel a strong vibration through your whole body. Once you’ve found something that feels good, you can experiment with varying speeds and patterns.
Internal Stimulation Techniques
Most women masturbate internally using their own hand. However, it can sometimes be difficult to learn how to do this properly. For example, some women naturally have very sensitive areas, making manual stimulation painful. Others may not find themselves comfortable touching themselves in certain places. Either way, there are a few things you can try to overcome these difficulties.

First, try holding your wrist firmly as though you were going to grip a tennis racket. Now place your palm facing upwards, with your fingers pointing down towards your elbow. Your thumb should be on the side of your hand closest to your shoulder. Next, slowly stroke your palm downwards across your pubic hair towards your clitoris. Gradually increase speed and intensity.

Another option is to lay flat on your stomach with your buttocks propped up (on pillows or cushions), with your legs bent and feet together. Place your hands on the floor next to each buttock, palms facing away from you. Move your hips forward slightly in a circular motion. Do this in short bursts of three seconds followed by a rest pause of three seconds. Repeat this pattern six times, taking a break after every three sets.

Finally, you can play with your nipples. One way is simply to squeeze them lightly between your fingers. Alternately, you can twist your nipples between your fingers and rub them against your breasts. Or you can suck on them, press on them, etc. Experiment with different sensations and see what works for you!

Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll probably want to try more complicated activities. In particular, masturbation poses can help you prepare for sexual activity with a partner, including giving him oral sex and intercourse. These positions can also add some extra excitement and satisfaction during solo sessions.
If you’d rather focus on solo pleasures, consider incorporating masturbation into foreplay. Masturbating quickly during foreplay can heighten arousal levels. And if you’re already aroused, masturbating can help bring you closer to orgasm.
Masturbation Positions
It often takes a lot of practise to become skilled at masturbating. If you don’t have much prior experience, it’s advisable to start off slow in order to prevent injury. You can always build up gradually later on. Here are some beginner tips to help you get started.
Start out lying on your front with your arms behind your head. Rub your pelvis rhythmically against the bed. Slowly move your torso forward until you reach the edge of the mattress. Lower your torso onto the bed, resting your chest on your elbows. Massage your clitoris using your fingers, then switch to a vibrator.
Next, try masturbating whilst lying face down. Start off on your back with your knees bent. Use your left hand to massage your clitoris, then raise your pelvis rhythmically, followed by your torso, so that your upper half is supported on the bed. Your right hand should support your lower half. Switch to the vibrator.
Finally, try lying on your back with your neck craned backwards and your bottom pulled up. Keep your thighs apart and thrust your pelvis forwards. Using your right hand, massage your clitoris, then massage your inner thighs using your left hand. Switch to the vibrator.
These positions aren’t particularly sexy, but they’re easy enough to try out. Once you’ve discovered what turns you on, you can explore variations of these positions.
Don’t forget that masturbation doesn’t need to be confined to the bedroom! You can even give your man a naughty surprise by turning his attention towards your crotch instead.”

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