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How To Meet Men Over 50

by Kristin Beck
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How To Meet Men Over 50

How To Meet Men Over 50

“As I write this article, it’s Valentine’s Day – yet another reminder that men aren’t as “”in touch”” with their feelings as they think they are. They may feel like they know how to read us, but in fact, most of the time they don’t. And when you find yourself on a date with a guy who’s well into middle age, you can bet he’s not exactly feeling all the love. Most guys over 40 have been burned once too many times by women who didn’t understand them or were just playing games. So if you want to meet a great guy and fall in love, you need to be more than just a pretty face. The good news is, there are ways to get men over 50 to ask you out.
The first thing you’ll want to do is take control of the situation from the beginning. No matter where you go (and it doesn’t even have to be dinner), drop your handkerchief. It sounds ridiculous, but it works! Dropping your handkerchief will send a clear signal to any available man that you’re interested in him. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw drops her handkerchief every chance she gets. She knows that dropping something shows interest, so she does it often. In real life, we use our handkerchiefs to wipe away tears, but Carrie uses hers to show someone she’s interested in them. The same goes with men. When you drop your handkerchief, look directly at a man long enough for 5 full seconds. Then smile. A confident smile, not one that says “”I’m looking around,”” or “”I’d rather check my phone.”” That kind of smile tells the world that you’re happy to see him, and you’re interested in having a conversation.
Next, pay attention to what’s going on around you. What do you notice about him? Is he wearing nice clothes? Does he smell good? Are other people paying attention to him? These are clues that tell you whether a man is single, married or gay. Paying attention to these things will give you valuable information so you can decide which category of person you want to pursue further.
If you happen to run into a man you’re attracted to, then listen up. One of the best ways to learn about a man is to actually talk to him. How else are you going to hear what he has to say if you’re texting on your cellphone? Once again, pick up the handkerchief and look him straight in the eyes while you speak. This is especially important if you don’t know him very well. Talking to strangers is difficult enough without trying to remember what you should say next. Make sure you also answer questions honestly. Don’t lie about where you went last night, where you live, how much money you make, etc. Guys can sense dishonesty and won’t trust you. Finally, remember that being honest and open is important no matter what your age. As far as dating after 40 is concerned, honesty is still the best policy.
Finally, knowing what you want is absolutely essential when meeting new men. If you’re looking for a relationship, it’s critical that you set boundaries right off the bat. For example, you might agree to hang out with a man only a few times per week, or not accept calls during certain hours. Or maybe you would prefer to avoid bars altogether. Whatever you choose, make sure you communicate clearly. Don’t expect him to magically figure out what you want. He needs to know what you expect from him in order to be able to please you.
So now you know what to do if you run across a man you’re attracted to. But what if you haven’t had luck with online dating sites? There are plenty of places to meet men over 50 in the real world. Here are some ideas:
Attend church social functions

Work events


Join organizations

Take classes

Go hiking

Start walking down the street or drive by slowly

Ask friends for recommendations

When you walk through the door of a restaurant, immediately scan the room for a man you’re interested in. Look for cues such as a man sitting alone, talking to himself, reading a book, staring into space or watching sports on TV. If you spot a man doing any of those activities, approach him. Tell him you’re leaving soon and you’d like to buy him a drink. Chances are he’ll invite you back to his place for coffee.
You can also try a service called BumbleBFF, which connects you with compatible female friends for dates.
And if you’re ready for something more serious, here’s a great way to meet men over 50: join an online dating site and start browsing profiles. Just sign up and search for someone within your age range who shares your interests. After swiping left or right on a couple of people, you’ll probably end up chatting with someone interesting, and eventually setting up a date.
Meet Me Tonight offers two different membership options: Gold and Silver. With both plans you can browse profiles, respond to messages, view photos, chat, share videos, and create your own profile. Both memberships include unlimited messaging capabilities, access to thousands of singles in your area, and exclusive member benefits. You can upgrade to Platinum Membership for $19.95/month, which gives you additional features such as advanced searching, instant messaging, video chats, premium photo albums, priority customer support, and special promotions.
Now that you know the basics, practice makes perfect. Go out and meet new men. You never know who could become your Mr. Right.”


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