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How To Play Hard To Get

by Lyndon Langley
How To Play Hard To Get

How To Play Hard To Get

Play hard to get is a type of game where the person who is being pursued has to play coy and not give out too much information or reveal what they are doing at any point until finally, they come across as someone who can’t be bothered with anyone else but them. Playing this way may seem like a challenge for some people, but it’s actually very easy if one knows how. The key is understanding that we all have something unique to offer to those around us, so there really isn’t such a thing as playing “hard to get” because everyone wants to attract other people into their lives. You just need to find your own special way to do so.
The best way to understand when to play hard to get is by looking at different types of relationships. In most cases, a man will use this strategy when he meets someone new and is trying to figure out whether or not he would like to pursue her romantically. If she shows interest back then, he’ll likely continue pursuing her until either she gives him an answer or loses interest and moves on. Men tend to view women as objects, which means that they don’t feel emotions toward them the same way that they might feel emotions towards other people. So if a woman displays romantic interest in a guy, his response is typically going to be more predictable than if another man did the same thing.
There are times however when men aren’t expected to respond immediately. This is especially true for men who are still figuring out what kind of relationship they want to have with a woman. These guys won’t be able to move directly from casual dating to serious boyfriend/girlfriend material. They’re in no rush to commit because they haven’t figured out yet what they want. It takes time to develop intimacy and trust between two people before they decide if they want to take things further. A man could meet a girl online and flirt with her via text messages, but he wouldn’t necessarily jump straight into phone sex with her without establishing himself as a real catch first. He’d rather hold off on having sex with her until he feels comfortable enough with her to share more personal details about his life.
Some guys avoid sharing intimate details about themselves for a number of reasons. One is that they fear rejection. Another is that they worry that if they open up too much, they’ll lose control of the situation and end up getting hurt emotionally. Some guys also think that if they keep everything close to the chest, the girl they’re interested in will wonder why they’re acting differently than other guys, which may make her lose interest in them. Finally, some men believe that if they withhold information about themselves from potential partners, they’ll appear mysterious and interesting. They think that keeping secrets makes them more desirable and attractive. However, these beliefs often stem from ego issues instead of rational thought processes.
When a man thinks negatively about sharing intimate details about himself, he generally ends up feeling uncomfortable talking about himself in front of a woman. On top of that, it becomes difficult for him to relax around a woman if he doesn’t feel completely secure in the relationship. When a man gets along well with a woman, he likes to talk about himself freely and engage in conversations that allow him to express his feelings openly. But when a guy finds himself in situations where he talks less and shares even fewer intimate details about himself, he starts to shut down and become anxious. That’s why many men prefer to remain silent while interacting with a woman until they feel more in sync with each other.
It’s important to note that sometimes a man acts indifferently towards a woman because he genuinely doesn’t care for her. Other times, a man plays hard to get when he’s already involved with someone else. He does this to protect his heart from unnecessary pain and loss, and to help him prevent anyone from taking advantage of him. We should always encourage ourselves to let go of our egos whenever possible and focus our energy on building healthy connections with others. Because when we embrace ourselves fully and stop worrying about what others think of us, we create the space for positive change to occur within our lives.
To sum it all up, here are some tips for determining when you should play hard to get:
If you’ve established yourself as a good catch, you shouldn’t need to resort to playing hard to get. Instead, you should be proud of yourself and ready to show your confidence through actions.

You shouldn’t try to hide anything from others unless your goal is to sabotage the relationship. You should be upfront and honest with everyone.

Your decision to play hard to get should be based on your comfort level and personality.

Never sacrifice your integrity or values for the sake of attracting someone into your life. Doing so only hurts you later on.

Avoid using playing hard to get as a tool to manipulate others. Your intention should always be to help others discover the value and worthiness that lies deep inside of them.

Don’t wait for someone to chase you; you must initiate the interaction to ensure that you aren’t wasting your precious time.

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