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How To Play With Your Own Breast

by Kristin Beck
How To Play With Your Own Breast

How To Play With Your Own Breast

“For some people, sex is about power exchange. For others, it’s all about pleasure. But what happens when both parties are getting off? The answer lies in exploring one another’s bodies without any preconceived notions or expectations. In this article, we’ll explore how to play with breasts using body contact alone – no toys, props, or costumes required.
The idea here isn’t to have intercourse through manual stimulation only, but instead to use your hands for a variety of sensations that can lead up to intercourse. Once you’ve mastered masturbating with your own breasts, you may want to try experimenting with other forms of sexual activity. You might also like to try out these techniques on yourself while wearing an adult costume.
It’s always best to start by warming up your nipples before touching them directly. Get comfortable and relaxed first. Then take several deep breaths, focusing on breathing in through your nostrils and exhaling through your mouth. This will help relax you even more, which is useful because you’re going to be very sensitive once you get down to business.
Now put your right hand over your left breast, just underneath your armpit. Use your thumb to massage the underside of the breast gently, then move up towards the nipple. Take care not to squeeze too hard. Now switch places so your left hand is covering your right breast. Again, don’t squeeze too tightly; just let your fingers rest lightly against the skin. If either of your hands feels tense during this process, feel free to breathe deeply again until they loosen up.
Next, use your middle finger of each hand to press firmly into the fleshy part under your breast. You should be able to feel the muscle contractions beneath your fingertips. Repeat this action with the opposite hand. You may find that moving from one side to the next takes practice, especially since you probably aren’t used to having such large breasts. After several minutes of doing this, stop for a moment and ask yourself if your heart rate has increased at all. If so, repeat this exercise again until you can feel your pulse racing.
When you begin the above steps, make sure you keep your eyes closed. Otherwise, you could end up feeling self-conscious and distracted, and you won’t be fully present for anything.
You can experiment with different types of touch. Some women prefer gentle strokes, while others like firmer ones. Just remember that you shouldn’t hurt yourself! When you run your fingers across your nipples, you should focus on the sensation itself rather than trying to reach orgasm. Concentrate on enjoying the experience.
There are many different techniques you can try. Here are two examples: One technique involves pressing your index finger against the top of your breast, then sliding it downwards towards the nipple. Another method involves placing your palm flat against your chest, then stroking your nipple upwards. Try combining these actions to create new sensations. Experiment with different positions to see which work best for you.
As you become more accustomed to playing with your breasts, you may notice that there are certain spots within your breasts that are much more sensitive than others. These areas usually correspond to where the blood vessels are located. By gently squeezing or massaging those areas, you can cause intense physical reactions. Try rubbing around the outside edges of your nipples, or concentrate your attention on the area between them. Or, place your palms just below the nipples and stroke upward toward their tips. Feel free to mix it up and vary your techniques throughout.
If you find yourself wanting to go further, you should consider investing in breast enhancement products. There are lots of options available today, so you can tailor your choice to suit your preferences. Make sure whatever you choose suits your lifestyle. Also, check with your doctor before starting any kind of health regimen.
Breastfeeding mothers who want to continue breastfeeding after pregnancy often need special support. They may require extra time to adjust to changes in hormone levels. It’s important to talk to a lactation consultant if you plan to nurse your baby. She can provide valuable advice based on her personal experiences.
In conclusion, masturbation provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy pleasurable sensations. And the good news is that you don’t have to rely solely on penetrative sex for sexual gratification. As long as you trust someone else enough to give you feedback, you can experience countless pleasures simply by embracing your own sexuality.”

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