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How To Talk To Older Women

by Kristin Beck
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How To Talk To Older Women

How To Talk To Older Women

“Older women are very different from their younger counterparts, not only in looks but also in temperament and attitude. Younger men who seek out older women usually do so because they’re attracted to “”the other woman”” (i.e., her beauty). Of course, this is just one type of attraction. But it happens frequently enough that I think it warrants mentioning. On the other hand, I’ve met plenty of guys who were looking at me as if I was nuts when I told them my age. They’d say things like, “”You must really love your mom!”” or “”My grandmother would never go for someone like you.”” Well, I guess there’s some truth to the latter comment – she wouldn’t! However, I’m no spring chicken either, so perhaps they should have looked past my appearance and focused on what I could offer instead.
I know we all want to be appreciated for the person we are rather than for our looks. And yes, it can get annoying when people don’t seem to notice that you’re a great guy. It’s even worse when they assume that you’re trying to pick up on something other than the obvious. If you’re a good-looking guy with average or below average social skills, then maybe you need help finding dates. Otherwise, why waste your time? You may be pleasantly surprised at how many single women over 30 are actually looking for someone like you. The problem is that most guys aren’t aware of this fact.
The truth is, most women prefer to date good-looking guys who are fun to hang around with. They look great in tuxedos and expensive suits; they drive sports cars and own houses on the beach. These types of guys are exciting and interesting. Most women find these characteristics attractive. That said, there are some women who are drawn to men who are less flashy and more down-to-earth. They might be a little awkward socially but they’re nice guys anyway. This kind of approach has worked well for me in terms of dating and attracting women.
So whether you’re looking for a relationship or just a few nights of casual sex, you should consider approaching women your own age or slightly older. Here are some guidelines for successful interaction with older women:
1) Be Confident — She’s Talking to You For A Reason. Don’t Make the Age Gap A Focus Of Conversation.
2) Do Not Act Like An Older Man. Women will appreciate being treated like equals.
3) Listen With Intentionality. Ask open questions. Show interest by asking follow-up questions.
4) Appreciate Her Passion. Find common interests and talk about those.
5) Offer Help When Appropriate. Don’t ask for favors unless she asks first.
6) Be Interesting & Informed. Read books and magazines. Learn new information. Try new things.
7) Be Nice. Let her know you’re having a good time. Smile. Relax.
8) Say Thank You. And mean it.
9) Leave Your Phone Number. And keep yours handy.
10) Follow Up. Send flowers or cards. Call occasionally. Keep in touch.
11) Don’t Text Or Email Too Much. Give her your full attention when you see her.
12) Date Other People, Too. There’s nothing wrong with letting others enjoy themselves while you wait for Ms. Right.
13) Remember Who You Are. Treat older women with respect.
14) Get Ready First. Take pride in yourself. Dress nicely. Look presentable.
15) Be Yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.
16) Remain Honest About What You Want.
17) Know What Kind Of Relationship You Desire.
18) Accept Rejection Gracefully.
19) Be Patient. Dating takes time.
20) Have Fun.
21) Communicate Effectively.
22) Stay Friends.
23) Enjoy Yourself.
24) Go Slow.
25) Meet New People.
26) Stay Open Minded.
27) Be Aware Of Potential Problems Beforehand.
28) Consider Therapy.
29) Practice Makes Perfect.
30) Hang Out Where Successful Men Hang Out.
31) Understand Why Some Women Prefer Younger Guys.
32) Expect Bad Behavior From Time To Time.
33) Trust Your Instincts.
34) Believe In Miracles.
35) Don’t Forget To Love Yourself.
If you follow these tips, I guarantee you success with any woman you meet. Just remember that every girl is entitled to happiness, too. So treat all women with respect. After all, isn’t that the real secret to winning hearts?”

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