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Is It Bad To Masterbait Everyday

by Kristin Beck
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Is It Bad To Masterbait Everyday

Is It Bad To Masterbait Everyday

“I don’t know how this question came up for me on OkCupid, but I answered with the honest truth. “”Masterbait,”” I wrote. The word felt strange coming from my mouth. As a self-identified feminist woman, I’ve never had an orgasm through masturbation (although that may be more due to lack of opportunity than any sort of moral failing). Instead, I get off by thinking about sex or fantasizing about someone I’m attracted to.
But is there anything wrong with masturbating regularly? Is it bad to have a regular outlet for sexual urges? Or does having sex so often make you horny all the time that it’s not worth worrying over?
The answer to these questions depends entirely on what kind of lifestyle you lead. There are plenty of people who masturbate daily, and some even claim they can’t function without it. But there’s also no shortage of people who swear by masturbation sparingly—if ever. And while everyone has their own preferences and boundaries, we should all be able to agree that there’s absolutely nothing healthy about cranking one out everyday just because you want to.
As a sex educator, I hear stories like this all the time. One young man told me he couldn’t imagine going two weeks without touching himself. He was 23 years old and had been masturbating since the age of 13. Another person complained to me that she could only orgasm when she masturbated multiple times per week. These are both extreme examples, but it’s clear that many people feel guilty about masturbating less frequently. They worry they aren’t doing enough to satisfy their partners’ needs.
They might think that they’ll eventually grow tired of casual sex, or that they’ll find someone better suited to them. In reality, though, most people aren’t looking for something stable; they’re looking for something fun. And if you enjoy casual sex, why would you stop?
However, there’s another reason that frequent masturbation isn’t necessarily good for you. Masturbation requires foreplay and intimacy, which makes it far different from casual sex. When you masturbate alone, you’re usually left to your thoughts. You won’t see anyone else’s body unless you take yourself into the bedroom, where you’re likely already exhausted from hours of sleep deprivation.
If you’re constantly jerking off, you probably aren’t spending as much time getting to know your partner as you’d like. This is especially true if you’re trying to hook up with strangers online. While dating apps offer great opportunities to meet people offline, they also encourage you to skip the awkwardness of actually talking to people and start right to sexting.
And then there’s the issue of emotional connection. On top of lacking physical contact, you may also feel unfulfilled emotionally, thanks to the fact that you’re focused solely on yourself. You may experience anxiety if you can’t climax during sex, or guilt if you do. Some people say that masturbation helps them deal with stress, but if you’re masturbating more than you’re connecting with others in real life, you’re missing out on social support.
Masturbation can be a wonderful way to relax after a hard day, but it shouldn’t replace other forms of relaxation. And if you’re masturbating more than you’re connecting with others in real life, you’re missing out on social support.
Of course, there are benefits to masturbating. For starters, it can relieve tension. A lot of people use masturbation as a form of meditation, focusing on breathing and relaxing muscles. Others simply focus on pleasuring themselves until they reach orgasm.
Another benefit of masturbation is that it’s private. Unlike casual sex, you can set your own schedule and pace. You can jerk off whenever you want, whether you’re sick, hungover, stressed out, or feeling blue. That said, you should also recognize that privacy is important, especially if you’re sharing sensitive information with a new partner.
So how often should you masturbate? Here’s a basic rule of thumb: if you masturbate more frequently than sex, it’s too much. Whether you prefer solo pleasure or partnered sex, stick to a few times per month. Once you hit that limit, it’s time to slow down.
You should also consider your relationship status. Are you single? Do you date casually? How committed are you to the person you’re seeing? If you’re sleeping with someone you met on Tinder last night, you should probably give it a break before taking things further.
Finally, consider your goals. Masturbation is great for relieving boredom, but if you’re trying to achieve something specific, it might not be the best tool for the job. If you’re trying to conceive, for instance, you should avoid using birth control pills, condoms, and diaphragms. You should also try to avoid douching and tampons, since those products can damage sperm.
In short, masturbation is fine, as long as you don’t abuse it. So next time you’re staring at yourself in the mirror, remember that you deserve to touch yourself however you choose. Just don’t let your hand wander over to your junk on its own.”

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