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Most Attractive Hairstyle On A Woman

by Lyndon Langley
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Most Attractive Hairstyle On A Woman

Most Attractive Hairstyle On A Woman

Women have long been held captive by their hair. Whether it’s a ponytail or an elaborate up-do, we’re conditioned from an early age to think our hairstyles are what make us look best. But sometimes the things we believe about ourselves can be downright insulting.
We’ve decided to put together a list of the most attractive hairstyles on a woman. We’ll explore why each one may be considered “best” in its own right, and then take a look at which ones you might actually want to try out for yourself.
Long and straight is okay with dudes, too
According to PopXO, “Dudes generally prefer simple, natural looking haircuts like a blunt bob,” because they feel that women who go overboard with styling tend to look unapproachable. They point to a study conducted by The Wall Street Journal where people were asked if they would approach a woman wearing a headscarf. Of those surveyed, only 17% said yes, compared to 51% who said no when she was not wearing it. It seems that adding any sort of accessory or adornment changes how people perceive others, especially men.
PopXO also suggests that a long straight style may be preferable due to the fact that most guys don’t know how to tie a bow tie. So unless your guy knows his way around a neck scarf, he probably won’t even notice how pretty you look. And according to PopXO, there’s nothing wrong with letting him do all the work.
But if you really want to experiment with a longer ‘do, I’d check out this video tutorial from YouTube user MissyTutorials. She shows how to create a very chic side braid using just a few basic tools. If you’re unfamiliar with braiding before watching this, you should definitely start with her video first.
Messy bun with lots of volume
If long and straight isn’t quite enough for you, maybe a messy bun will do the trick! You can achieve this look easily with a little product called Pomade made specifically for women. This stuff has been used for decades by models and celebrities alike, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it, either.
The thing about a messy bun is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be super high maintenance. While you could spend days building yours into a masterpiece, a quick swipe of pomade here and there can quickly give it the appearance of being much longer than it actually is. Just remember to keep it clean and moisturized; otherwise, you might end up with ringworm.
Also, if you decide to go this route, you can always add some color to spice up your look. One easy way to do this is to simply dye your hair the same shade of blonde or brown (that is, if you haven’t already dyed it).
Ponytail worn low on the back
This is another popular look among both males and females, although it tends to get a lot less attention than other styles. According to PopXO, “It’s the easiest hairstyle to maintain.” In addition, it’s also great for wearing at home during the day since it allows you to focus on doing chores rather than worrying about keeping your hair perfectly coiffed.
There are a couple ways you can wear a ponytail. For starters, you can carry it across your chest, which gives it a more casual vibe. Or, if you find yourself dying often, you can bring it down over your shoulder.
Aesthetically, it’s nice to see the ends of the pony tail hanging freely instead of being tied up. Also, having them free makes it easier to adjust the overall length of your ponytail without having to fuss with pins.
Up-do with loose waves
An updo may seem like something reserved exclusively for brides, but thanks to modern technology and a growing trend toward wanting everything done fast and efficiently, you can now achieve the look without spending hours at the salon.
First, you’ll need a good heat protectant spray. Then, spray some hairspray onto your hands and run them through your hair until it starts to form curls. Next, brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb to loosen up the curls. Once you’ve achieved the desired result, lightly mist your hair with hairspray again and allow to air dry.
You can also follow this process with a blow dryer set on cool if you like. To finish off your look, apply a light amount of hairspray directly to your roots and let sit for five minutes. Rinse out your hair and repeat the process until finished.
And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can also try creating your own DIY version of a French twist. Simply braid your hair into four sections, and then wrap it tightly once near the nape of your neck. Secure it with a rubber band, and voila! Now you have a unique French twist that you can keep up with wherever you go.
Funnel cake with pink frosting
While many girls dream of becoming a pop star like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Rihanna, others dream of being famous for their beauty alone. These ladies are known as “Instagram stars,” and they share their secrets to fame and fortune on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
One of the biggest trends among Insta-famous celebs is the funnel cake haircut. It originated in 2011 after actress Megan Fox sported a short cut similar to one created by celebrity barber John Travolta. Since then, the look has gone viral, prompting countless girls to try it themselves.
To cut your hair into a funnel cake shape, use scissors to trim your hair evenly along the sides and part. Then, use a pair of round cutters to trim the top of your hair into a peak. Lastly, use a curling iron to curl the bottom section of your hair until it forms a cone shape. Finish off your look by applying some heavy cream foundation followed by mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.
As previously mentioned, this style works well for anyone who wants to showcase their face. However, it can also be paired with almost any outfit. Plus, it’s fun to play around with colors and textures. Try experimenting with different shades of blondes, brunettes, reds and pastels.
Side pony with bangs
When you think of classic Hollywood glamour, chances are you picture Marilyn Monroe sporting a figure hugging gown with matching wavy hairdo. Today, however, the iconic style has evolved, and the fashion industry continues to push the envelope in terms of what’s fashionable. As such, it’s become increasingly common to see actresses rocking sleek, sophisticated cuts with a touch of retro flair.
For example, Rachel McAdams rocked this particular style in her role as Marianne in Season 2 of the Netflix series Sex Education, making it one of the hottest looks of 2016.
To recreate this look, you’ll need a sharp pair of scissors and a good grip on hairspray. Start by cutting your hair into a deep side parting on the left side, and then flip it up to meet the right side above your ear. Trim the edges of your bangs and secure them underneath your hairline. Use a small amount of hairspray to hold your hair in place.
Next, sweep the tips forward slightly and pin them behind your ears. Pull the rest of your hair up and away from your face to frame your eyes, and gently tuck it behind your ears. Finally, use a curling wand to curl the bottom section of your hair to form soft waves. Spray lightly with hairspray and wait for your strands to fully absorb the moisture.
Now that your hair is ready for action, it’s time to match it with a gorgeous dress or sweater.
Braided chignon
In recent years, celebrities have been showing off their softer sides by embracing more natural hairstyles. One such look involves a braid running through the center of your scalp. This style originated in 2014 when Zoe Kravitz debuted hers on the cover of Vogue magazine.
Since then, millions of girls have tried it for themselves. The key to pulling it off successfully lies in the size of the weave. First, cut your hair into a deep side part. Then, cut the individual pieces of your weave shorter to avoid awkward gaps between them or leaving parts untouched.
After completing this step, grab two thin braids that begin at the crown of your head and wind them backward toward the front of your scalp. Once you reach the base of your skull, cross the braids and secure them together with a decorative elastic.
Once you’ve reached completion, lightly mist your hair with hairspray to help tame frizzies and ensure smoothness.
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