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My Boyfriend Has A Foot Fetish

by Lyndon Langley
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My Boyfriend Has A Foot Fetish

My Boyfriend Has A Foot Fetish

I’m a foot fetishist and I love it when my man kisses, strokes and massages my feet. He knows how much I like this so sometimes he’ll surprise me by doing something special for my feet. One of the things he does is massage my feet while I watch TV. It’s really nice because I can relax in bed without having to move away from the TV screen (he even brought his own foot rub lotion). Another thing he often does is take off all his clothes completely to give me full access to his body. Then one time he told me that he wanted to see if my toes were ticklish. So we started playing around with each other’s feet. First he sucked on my left big toe which was already standing up straight on its own. Next he put both hands behind my back and pulled them together over my head, making sure they didn’t grab any part of my butt. Then he gave me a quick peck on my right foot and then moved down to my left foot. After several seconds of licking and kissing my foot, he got excited and took his tongue out of my foot. Then he asked me to lick my foot. At first I wasn’t very enthusiastic about this request but after some encouragement from him, I decided to try it. And let me tell you, it felt great! My boyfriend has long hair and smooth skin on most parts of his body, except where he has thick curly pubic hair. His penis is also quite hairy. When I licked his soles, he always had an erection and would get more aroused. The best way for me to describe his taste is’salty’ – not unpleasant though.
The next step was for us to play with our feet together. We did this until I got tired of it and then we switched places. I tried to get his attention by wiggling my toes under his nose while I played with myself. This seems to make him very interested in what I’m doing. But as soon as I stopped, he went back to being bored. Eventually I managed to tease him into playing with my feet again. To start with, I’d pretend to be asleep and he could only wake me up when he touched my feet. Then I pretended to wake up suddenly and squeal “oh no!” and run away. He’d chase me and pull my feet back. Once I began to orgasm, he’d stop touching my feet immediately. But once I stopped climaxing, he kept trying to touch my feet.
After a few weeks of this, I suggested another game to him. This time I wouldn’t actually go to sleep. Instead I’d just lay there, pretending to still be awake. If my man came near my feet to check whether I was sleeping, I’d say “no” in a fake-sounding voice. He thought this was hilarious and couldn’t resist teasing me. Finally, he climbed on top of me and kissed my feet through my panties. When I woke up, he was kneeling between my legs, looking at my crotch area. I asked him why he was checking me out like that and he said he liked to know what kind of underwear I prefer before going any further. Well, I told him that I preferred thongs. That turned him on even more. He took my thong aside and looked inside. He seemed surprised when he saw that I hadn’t worn anything underneath. He gently squeezed my buttocks and told me that it was time for me to pee. I stood up and bent forward over the toilet bowl. As I was relieving myself, he continued squeezing my bottom cheeks and telling me that I should feel wetness coming from somewhere. I told him that there must be urine dripping from my pussy. He laughed and replied “no, your vagina isn’t leaking.” I insisted that there definitely was. I told him that I might have been lying about peeing because I was afraid of messing up my hair. He looked at me and laughed again. Then he checked my panties again and found that there was nothing wet at all. He then walked away saying that he needed to clean the bathroom floor. While he cleaned the floor, I sat down again and resumed fingering myself. I never guessed that my man likes to be humiliated in front of me.
A week later, we repeated the same game. This time I made sure that I used some lubricant before putting my thong on. I was wearing black lace teddy and matching bra set. My man was dressed in jeans. I told him that I had urinated recently so I was feeling horny today. I also added that I was hoping he’d come home early and join me in bed. Of course, he knew that I was just acting. He told me that he was happy to see me aroused, but since he was late, he couldn’t stay longer than fifteen minutes. He said he loved to see me naked and begged me to forgive him for leaving so soon. I told him that I understood and that I was fine waiting for him. After he finished cleaning the floor, he came over to me and kneeled in front of me again. He smiled at me and said that he missed seeing me naked. He ran his hand across my breasts and noticed that I was now fully erect. He whispered in my ear “you’re beautiful,” and proceeded to slowly stroke my clitoris and nipples through my panties. Soon, I became wet and started moaning loudly. He held my hips firmly and rubbed two fingers against my anus. I was enjoying this immensely. My man paused momentarily and told me that I should probably remove my panties quickly. I rolled onto my stomach and reached my hand under my butt to free my asshole. He grabbed my hips from below and guided my rectum towards his mouth. He inserted his tongue deep into my anus and began sucking my anal opening. I screamed with pleasure. He removed his tongue and waited patiently for me to finish relaxing. In turn, I relaxed my butt muscles and allowed him to continue pleasuring me orally. After a few moments, he pushed his finger deeper into my anus and then withdrew it. He repeated this process three times. Afterwards, he asked me if I was satisfied with his performance. I answered yes and said that he certainly knew how to please me properly.
We continued to play this game for many days afterward. Sometimes I’d catch him staring at my ass and I knew exactly what he was thinking. He enjoyed watching me spread my legs wide apart and stick my bare buttocks upwards. He especially liked when I squirmed my bum cheeks outward and clenched my butt muscles. I’d moan loudly and enjoy the sensation of having him look directly at my sensitive anus. Occasionally, he’d bend his elbows behind his neck and lean backwards, allowing me to sit on his lap. He’d whisper in my ears that he wished he could penetrate my tight little hole. He’d grip my waist tightly and grind his groin against mine. Or he’d reach down and fondle my thighs through my panties. He usually ended these sessions by giving me a sensual kiss on the cheek.
To sum everything up, I don’t think there are many men who aren’t attracted to women with sexy armpits, perky breasts, firm buttocks, soft lips and moist vaginas. Men admire those features because they’re confident of getting lucky if they decide to pursue her sexually. My man fell in love with my juicy lips and pretty face, but his foot fixation was a secret desire hidden beneath his shy personality. He enjoys knowing that he can bring me to a screaming climax whenever he wants.

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