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Side Effect Of Masterburation On Female Quora

by Kristin Beck
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Side Effect Of Masterburation On Female Quora

“The question “”what’s the side effect of masturbation”” is a very common one on the Internet, but it seems that no woman has answered it so far. So I did. This article was written with my personal experience in mind (I am bisexual). But I have seen many articles saying how masturbation can cause cancer, etc. Let me clear this up once and for all. Masturbation does not cause any cancer whatsoever. It only increases your chances of getting cervical cancer if you do not use condoms during sex. If you don’t use condom, then you might get pregnant. If you do get pregnant, then you will be at higher risk for breast cancer later in life.
Masturbation also doesn’t increase the chances of you getting an STD or HIV/AIDS. Most STDs are transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. And having multiple partners makes you more likely to contract these diseases. Masturbation won’t make you feel better about yourself because you know you could still infect others with those diseases. Also, masturbating too often can lead to vaginal dryness which may affect your ability to orgasm during sex. In addition, over-masturbation can result in a condition called vulvodynia where you suffer from chronic burning, stinging, sharp pains or numbness in your vagina, labia minora, clitoris or vulva.
Masturbation can cause other problems as well. For example, masturbation can reduce desire for sex, decrease libido, create stress and anxiety, lower self esteem, and even cause depression. A recent study found that women who masturbate regularly were less satisfied with their relationships than those who never masturbated. The researchers speculated that frequent masturbation may interfere with intimacy by reducing feelings of attraction toward a partner. Another interesting finding was that frequent masturbation didn’t seem to impact a person’s likelihood of forming long-term romantic relationships. However, women who reported masturbating daily were twice as likely to report feeling dissatisfied with their current relationship.
How To Avoid These Side Effects Of Masturbation
If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life without worrying about the side effects of masturbation, here are some tips on how to avoid them. First, decide what type of masturbation suits you best. There are three types of masturbation – solo, mutual masturbation, and pornography. Solo means masturbation using your own hand (or hands) while Mutual Masturbation refers to masturbation between two people using your own hand (or hands) together. Pornography is when you watch porn videos or pictures. Which type of masturbation you prefer depends on your personality and preferences. You should choose the type of masturbation that you like most for the sake of enjoying a healthy sex life.
Second, try out new things every now and then. Doing the same thing everyday becomes boring and monotonous. Keep things exciting and fresh by trying out new activities. Third, don’t spend too much time thinking about sex. Sex isn’t just about penetration. Think beyond the genitals and think about your whole body. How would you feel if someone touched your entire body? Imagine being caressed everywhere by the right lover. What if he kissed your neck gently, licked around your earlobes, brushed his fingers across your sensitive nipples, played with your hair, rubbed your hips against his erect penis… Or imagine yourself caressing him everywhere with your soft hands. Now, imagine your breasts cupped into his big strong hands, stroking his shaft with your thumb, running your fingertips down his hard stomach, sucking his erect nipples, kissing his lips, licking his skin until he ejaculates onto your tongue. That’s what I call real lovemaking!
Fourth, always wear protection such as latex condoms during sexual activity. Condoms help protect both you and your partner from contracting sexually transmitted infections. They also provide additional lubrication during sex. Using a good quality condom can add enjoyment and pleasure to your sex life. Lastly, keep in touch with your doctor or health care provider to find out about any health issues related to your lifestyle. Your doctor can advise you on ways to avoid the negative consequences of masturbation.
In conclusion, I hope you learned something today. Masturbation does not cause any problem. It only affects your sex life negatively if you don’t take precautions. Remember to wear condoms during sex and practice safe sex. Stay away from porn movies and videos. Try out different activities and techniques to spice up your sex life. Finally, see your doctor to discuss any concerns you have regarding your lifestyle.”

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