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Side Effects Of Masturabation In Female Daily In English

by Kristin Beck
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Side Effects Of Masturabation In Female Daily In English

Side Effects Of Masturabation In Female Daily In English

“Masturbation is a sexual practice that involves the stimulation of one’s own genitals for erotic pleasure. It can be done in various ways, but it always requires some sort of assistance – such as touching or rubbing against clothing or another body part. The main purpose of masturbation is to have an orgasm from self-stimulation. Masturbation has been found to be very common among people of all ages, although there are many who do not masturbate at all. There are also those who only masturbate occasionally, either alone or with others. However, there are those who indulge in masturbation regularly (e.g., daily). A study made by sex therapists has revealed that more than 70% of women masturbate on a regular basis while less than 5% of men do so. This shows that female masturbation is quite common. But why would anyone want to do something like this? What are the side effects of masturbation? Are they dangerous? More importantly, how does it affect women physically and emotionally?
The question may arise in your mind how masturbation affects women. Well, this practice involves the use of hands to stimulate one’s genitals. As we know, masturbation is usually practiced by stimulating ones’ genitals through manual contact. While doing so, you experience pleasurable sensations. You feel aroused with strong feelings of arousal and excitement. And when you reach climax, you get an orgasm. If you are used to having these types of experiences, then it might be difficult for you to give up masturbation altogether. So what happens if you continue to masturbate every day? Will you become addicted to the feeling of satisfaction? Can you cause yourself harm? How will it affect you? Let us find out…
Too Much Of Masturbation Causes Mental And Physical Impairment:
Many studies show that too much masturbation can lead to several negative consequences both mentally and physically. Firstly, it can cause psychological problems. Since masturbation is mostly practised by females, they can easily fall into depression due to its addictive nature. They start thinking about their sexuality more often. When they think about it, they cannot stop themselves from wanting to touch themselves. Therefore, they tend to keep thinking about it over and over again. And because of this, they lose interest in other activities which were once important to them. Another thing that occurs is that girls start fantasizing about being touched by others. Because of this, they become extremely horny and feel deprived whenever someone touches them. For some reason, they start imagining that they are being violated by a man. These fantasies make them feel even hornier. Although they try to control their thoughts, they still end up constantly thinking about it. Eventually, this makes them depressed because of the constant thoughts about what they crave.
Another problem that can occur due to excessive masturbation is addiction. Women who engage in masturbation on a regular basis tend to have a hard time giving up the activity. Their lifestyle becomes centered around it. They spend most of their energy thinking about their sexuality rather than focusing on other things. Many times, they try to ignore the fact that they are engaging in this habit. However, they feel guilty after they realize it. Even though they may try to change, they find it difficult to quit.
Excessive masturbation can also cause severe health issues. Most of the time, it is performed without any protection; therefore, it can result in infections, diseases, skin rashes, etc. Also, it can cause bad breath and pimples. All of these conditions can ruin ones’ appearance and confidence levels. One way to prevent this is for a person to wear gloves during masturbation sessions. Wearing latex gloves can help protect one’s hands from getting hurt, preventing infection and spreading bacteria. Also, using a lubricant can help reduce friction between the fingers and penile tissues.
Back Pain:
It was previously mentioned above that masturbation can cause serious health complications. One of the biggest concerns is the occurrence of back pain. Girls who masturbate excessively put pressure on their lower backs. Over time, this pressure can damage the discs of the spine. Also, it can cause degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, etc.
One solution to this problem is to take breaks when masturbating. To avoid putting excessive stress on the spine, it is necessary to limit the amount of time spent on masturbation per session. Also, one should not perform this activity in bed. Doing these two things can significantly decrease the risk of developing back problems. Another way to solve this issue is to lie down on the floor next to a wall. Then, place a pillow under your buttocks and lay your head on the pillow. Using this position, you can relieve the pressure on your low back. You can also relax and breathe deeply. Finally, you can place a small towel underneath your hips and legs. By doing this, you can ease the tension in your low back.
In conclusion, masturbation can bring great benefits to women. However, it can also cause certain unwanted results. Some of these include mental disorders, physical ailments, and back pain. Thus, it is important for a woman to understand the possible negative outcomes before she starts indulging in this activity.”

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