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Signs Someone Is Pushing You Away

by Lyndon Langley
Signs Someone Is Pushing You Away

Signs Someone Is Pushing You Away

You’ve heard it a thousand times before: “If he loves me, why doesn’t he act like it?” When someone you care about stops acting interested in you or stops calling, text messaging or emailing you, there could be one of two reasons for this behavior. The first reason is that they are not truly into you. If they were truly into you, they would have taken action sooner and shown interest in how you feel without needing constant reassurance. This means they may find yourself in the second category–they are simply pushing you away.
The signs that someone is pushing you away include:
They won’t call you anymore.
Your ex-boyfriend stopped returning your calls after you broke up but now says he’s changed his mind and wants to get back together with you? He was never really committed to you at all, so if he’s suddenly changed his tune then he’s likely only putting on an act in order to keep getting out of doing things he knows will upset you. Don’t fall for it! Your phone records show who called you last and who didn’t (unless you erased them). Check those records and see if your boyfriend’s name shows up. If it does, then your boyfriend has been avoiding you.
He’ll make excuses when he can’t contact you. No matter what he says, he knows where you live and he has access to your cell phone number. But instead of reaching out to you, he makes excuses such as needing to talk to his mom or having no service. Or, he tells you that he’s too tired or busy. If he’s lying about these things, then he’s either embarrassed by something he did or he’s hiding something from you. Either way, he isn’t being upfront enough to let you know what’s going on with him.
He pulls away physically. Maybe he used to touch you more than usual, but now he seems uncomfortable around you. He might pull away physically from hugs or touching. Some people also withdraw emotionally, which includes cutting off communication or spending less time with friends or family. In other words, your ex-boyfriend may start pulling away from everything that reminds him of you. For example, he may stop talking to his old buddies because he feels guilty for breaking up with you. His friends may notice that he’s withdrawn and tell him to come out of his shell, but he may ignore them because he doesn’t want to hear anything bad said about you.
He won’t answer your texts. A lot of guys think sending a text message to a girl is harmless. It’s not. Text messages allow you to send information quickly and easily. A guy may think that texting is more direct and easier than picking up the phone to call or face-to-face chat. But many girls take offense to receiving unwanted text messages. And if a guy keeps sending you texts even though you told him you weren’t interested, that’s definitely a sign that he’s pushed you away.
He avoids you at school. If your ex-boyfriend started hanging out with new friends, he’d probably avoid bumping into you at school. However, if he avoided you physically, your ex-boyfriend may try to do this through social media. If you follow him on Facebook or Twitter, you may see pictures of him hanging out with a group of people other than his friends. These photos shouldn’t happen unless your ex-boyfriend wants you to see them.
He turns down invitations to hang out. If he stopped returning your calls, emails, and texts, then maybe he also turned down invites to hang out. Even if he claims he’s completely over you, he still needs to spend some time with his friends. After all, he’s human and needs to unwind every once in awhile. So, if your ex-boyfriend refuses to go out partying with his buds, you should worry.
He stops showing up to parties or events with you. An obvious sign that your ex-boyfriend is pushing you away is that he stops wanting to accompany you to clubbing events. Clubbing is meant to bring couples closer together, and your ex-boyfriend wouldn’t want to go with you unless he had feelings for you. If he’s willing to go but doesn’t seem excited about it, then he’s not feeling it.
He doesn’t return your calls. If your ex-boyfriend stopped returning your calls, he probably stopped inviting you places, too. Many men will use invitations to clubs or parties to lure women into dark alleys or seedy bars. Once inside, they hit on the woman and flee. If your ex-boyfriend invited you somewhere, he wanted to be alone with you. Without that invitation, he may not even bother coming.
It’s normal to wonder whether or not someone you love is cheating on you. Sometimes, however, the person you’re worried about dating actually has good intentions. If you suspect that your boyfriend is pushing you away, you need to figure out exactly why he’s done this. You can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand what caused it in the first place. Ask yourself what happened between you and your ex-boyfriend that led to his change of heart. Then ask yourself what you can do to fix it.
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