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What Are The Best Apples For Applesauce

by Dan Hughes
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What Are The Best Apples For Applesauce

What Are The Best Apples For Applesauce

My dad’s apples are the best in the world. I’m pretty sure that if you asked him to pick out a random apple, he could tell you exactly what type of apple it is just by looking at it. He gets all his apples from one place – D’Angelo Orchard and Nursery on Long Island. They’re so good…they give me a headache.
Anyway, Dad has spent most of his life growing up with my mom making her own applesauce using only “the best” apples, so naturally I had no idea what kind of apples those were until recently. It turns out they’re very different apples. My mom used to buy Golden Delicious or Granny Smith apples for her sauce but now she uses Fuji apples instead because they have much higher sugar content and make better sauce. So here’s a quick list of how each variety compares when made into applesauce.
The juiciest applesauces come from Golden Delicious and Granny Smith which are great for baking pies and pancakes too. But if you want an applesauce with more flavor, try the Fuji apple. These are the best tasting apples in terms of taste and texture. They also hold their shape well after being cooked. If you’ve never tried cooking your own apples before, I highly recommend experimenting with these types of apples first before moving on to other varieties.
Here’s a breakdown of the sweetness levels between the four apples mentioned above:
Granny Smith = 1
Golden Delicious = 2
Mutsu = 4
Fuji = 6
Golden Delicious can be sweet enough to use alone as a dessert topping or added to pancakes, waffles, muffins and oatmeal. Its large size makes it perfect for baking cakes, breads, cookies, and whole-grain pastas. This apple is great for stuffing, tarts, and crumbles. And don’t forget about this apple’s crispness! It will keep its crunch even when baked.
This apple is extremely popular in European cuisine where its popularity dates back hundreds of years. In England, it was once called Roxbury Russet and named after the town of Roxbury in Essex County due to its red color. It is said to have been cultivated in the U.S. during the mid 1800’s in New York State.
It’s hard to beat Golden Delicious for flavor. However, some people claim that its skin isn’t as tough as others, making them easier to peel and core. Also, Golden Delicious usually doesn’t last long enough in salads to get any real juice out of it.
Mutsu means’sweetheart’ or’miniature apple’ in Japanese and is actually small compared to other apples. The flesh is tender and juicy with a mild tart flavor similar to Red Delicious. Because it’s not as big as other apples, its meaty center is less often exposed to air which causes browning. Usually, the meatier parts are cut away and discarded while the outer layer is sliced off and eaten.
Fuji apples originated in Japan and were brought over to China around 400 AD. It’s known there as ‘Shanghai Apple.’ The Chinese refer to it as ‘Jin Pi,’ meaning ‘beautiful fruit.’ The apple has a yellowish green rind and light green flesh with a slight bitter edge. The flesh is relatively firm and holds together well after cutting.
After trying many different apples, I finally found the perfect apple for applesauce. It’s the Fuji apple. These are the best tasting apples for applesauce. The flesh is soft and tasty and the skin is thin and crispy like a cracker. You can eat the entire thing without getting a single bite uncomfortable.
These apples tend to fall apart easily, so they need to be washed thoroughly under cold water and peeled prior to eating. To make applesauce, simply slice them thinly and cook them in boiling water for roughly 20 minutes. After cooling down, puree the slices in a blender or food processor and strain through a sieve to remove the seeds.
Applesauce is easy to make and really cheap, especially if you grow your own. Plus, it tastes way better than anything you’ll find in stores. Just imagine yourself sitting down to a bowl of warm cinnamon and sugar topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. That’s right – homemade applesauce is nothing short of heaven.
Happy Fall Everyone!!

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