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What Does On Hold Mean At Cvs

by Dan Hughes
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What Does On Hold Mean At Cvs

What Does On Hold Mean At Cvs

Recently my daughter came home from school and told me that she had been talking with her classmates about what drugs they take daily, and many of them use prescription medicine. She said that some of these medications are for conditions like ADHD or asthma, but others were just to make themselves feel better. The discussion was interesting enough to put into words an idea I’ve always wanted to try out. (My daughter’s been taking Prozac since June.)
The next day I went to CVS to pick up my son’s new prescription. It was already in the box when we got there, so we didn’t need to go through any lines. We headed over to the counter where the clerk was checking us in. My husband filled out all the necessary information, including his insurance card number. As he handed it to the cashier, she looked at him and asked if he knew what his prescription would be today? He did not respond. So she took down the numbers on the form, which included the name of the drug and its generic equivalent. Then she printed off a paper slip showing both the name of the drug and the generic version. She gave this slip to my husband along with a pen.
As soon as my husband saw the slip, he realized that the printout showed his prescription was for generic Advil instead of the brand-name Fever Red Cold & Flu Medicine. He immediately pulled out his insurance card and called his doctor’s office to see whether he should change the prescription. The nurse who answered the phone said that yes, he definitely needed the generic version. So my husband scribbled a note on the slip saying “Generic OK.” And then he left the pharmacy without picking up his prescription.
Later that day, after work, I stopped by the pharmacy again to pick up my daughter’s prescription. When we arrived, I noticed that the line was moving much faster than usual. There was no one behind the counter. But the cashier was busy ringing up other customers. After about 10 minutes, someone else appeared, looking at the clock and asking if everything was okay. The first person explained that there must be a problem with the computer because the line wasn’t going anywhere. Then another customer walked up and started complaining about how long the line was taking. Finally the manager herself came around to check things out. All three people seemed frustrated. They were obviously tired because it was late afternoon.
When the manager finally reached us, she apologized for the delay and asked if anyone could explain why our names weren’t on the list. My daughter’s friend volunteered the answer – “Well, you see, you guys don’t actually get your meds here. You have to wait until tomorrow morning when the pharmacist checks them. That’s why the line isn’t moving.”  Then she smiled and said, “But hey, you can come back later tonight and pick up your meds.”
I guess the question is – Is this normal procedure at CVS pharmacies or only in certain areas? What does ‘On Hold’ mean? Are you supposed to call back the following morning to find out if your prescription is ready? Do you have to do anything special before you pick up your medication? If you’re sick of waiting for your prescription, check out these tips for getting your medicines fast. Or maybe you’d prefer to shop online rather than standing in line at CVS?
Some of the newer CVS stores now allow you to choose your own personal pharmacists. These associates are specially trained to review your medical history and prescribe medications based upon your individual needs. Of course, you’ll still have to visit the store, but hopefully you won’t have to stand in line for very long.
CVS Pharmacy Says It Will Allow Patients To Pick Up Medications Without Waiting For Validation By A Pharmacist | FindLaw Blotter
This post originally appeared at FindLawBlotter. Republished here with permission.

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