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What Is A Foot Fetish

by Lyndon Langley
What Is A Foot Fetish

What Is A Foot Fetish

Foot fetishism is when you’re sexually attracted to feet and the things associated with feet.  People who have a foot fetish may enjoy looking at feet, having their own feet touched, being on all fours, wearing high heels, being spanked with a ruler and even being forced to wear stilettos.
The word “fetish” comes from the Latin verb feticher meaning “to put on.” And while most people think of a fetish as something used for masturbation, there are also some common ones out there that can turn into real sex toys instead! (We’ll talk about those later.)
It seems like everyone has a foot fetish somewhere deep down inside. We’ve all looked at our neighbor’s bare feet, admired them and thought they were cute. But we don’t usually think it would be sexy if she walked up to us and asked to feel our big toe — unless maybe our wife does it sometimes.
So what exactly is this thing called a foot fetish? In simple terms, it’s an attraction to something – body types, body parts, objects, etc – that causes sexual arousal. So foot fetishes are where someone is strongly drawn to or very aroused by feet. They might find it arousing to look at pictures of naked women whose legs end just below the knee; or one woman lying on her back with her skirt hiked up above her waist showing off her long legs. Or maybe you’re not so interested in visual stimuli but rather in tactile stimulation. You might enjoy walking around your house in your underwear and then going to bed without putting anything under your butt. For some men, it might mean a lot more than just standing in front of a mirror admiring themselves in their tight jeans. Some men with foot fetishes will go out of their way to buy clothes with high heels, while others may prefer a pair of soft leather boots. The key here is that whatever turns you on, you need to get yourself together and start exploring these attractions in order to help control them.
Not every person with a foot fetish is gay. There are plenty of straight guys out there who love feet because they want to see how a girl looks when she’s wearing flats versus when she’s wearing high heels. Women too can develop a foot fetish – especially after giving birth. If you had flat-footed babies, you’d probably be pretty happy! Some women are turned on by feeling another woman’s breasts through her clothing. This is often referred to as breastplay.
And then there are those rare women who really do enjoy giving foot massages. These ladies may even enjoy receiving a man’s hand between their toes. Many foot masseurs report that their clients come away totally relaxed and fulfilled.
While most of us would never dream of asking a lady friend to massage our feet, many women actually enjoy doing it for other women. These kinds of foot jobs can take place either privately or publicly. One woman described her favorite kind of public foot job as follows:
I like to walk along the street and pass a young couple sitting in a park bench. I stop in front of them and tell them my name. Then I ask them if they would like me to give them a foot massage. When they reply yes, I lean over and rub his feet for a few seconds. He leans forward and rubs my feet for a few moments, too. After that he tells me to keep rubbing until he asks me to stop.
Some women consider foot play part of foreplay before intercourse. Others use it afterwards. Either way, it’s good practice to try new sensations and activities. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to touch a woman’s feet properly yet. Start small. Ask her to let you massage her feet first. Once she agrees, gently press the ball of her foot and then slowly work your way toward the heel. Next, try stroking the arch and finally the base of the toes. Let her know that you plan to spend some time with each area — and follow through!
You can also explore foot play techniques using a partner during cunnilingus or fellatio. Of course, you should always use protection when performing oral sex. Use lube if needed. Most women appreciate when a guy uses his fingers to stimulate their clitoris — and the same goes true for men! As a general rule, you should never stick your finger(s) anywhere near a woman’s anus. This applies whether you’re male or female.
If you’re a man with a foot fetish and you haven’t explored it much, you may be surprised at how easy it is to do. All you need is a little courage! Here are some tips to guide you:
Start slow. Take your time getting comfortable with touching a woman’s feet. She may shy away initially, but eventually she’ll relax enough to allow you access.
Have fun! Foot fetishes can bring a great deal of pleasure for both partners. Enjoy yourselves!
Get creative. Think about different ways to make foot play exciting. Experiment with different sensations.
Take care. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before handling any woman’s feet. Also, remember that feet aren’t sanitary surfaces. Wear gloves if you choose to handle your partner’s feet. Finally, avoid sharing utensils, towels, toilet seats and other personal items.
With a bit of practice, you can learn how to please a lover with your feet. Just remember to stay safe and keep all contact skin to skin whenever possible!

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