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What Is A Foot Job

by Lyndon Langley
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What Is A Foot Job

What Is A Foot Job

Before we get into what exactly a foot job is and how you might want to try it out for yourself let’s first take a look at exactly what it entails. The term ‘foot’ is often used interchangeably with the terms ‘toes’, ‘feet’ and even ‘peds’. However, while these all refer to similar areas of your body they are not quite the same thing. For example, your toes are located on the bottom portion of your foot whereas your feet are found towards the top of your leg. This is important because this means that there are actually two different parts of your body involved when performing a foot job; your foot and your legs. This distinction has been made clear below…
Foot – Your feet are considered by many to be among the most sensual and erotic places on a woman’s body. There are probably no better places than between her thighs to experience the full sensation of her soft skin as well as the unique sense of touch provided by her bare feet. The reason why feet have such power over us comes from their ability to stimulate our senses through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. It doesn’t matter if she happens to be wearing high heels, sandals, socks or nothing at all. Just looking down at them will cause an instant reaction in most men. All women should consider getting their feet pampered more often!
Legs – These wonderful appendages provide us with the ability to walk around and do just about everything else that we need to do in life. They also happen to be very sexy when looked upon from up close. Most people love feeling a woman’s smooth silky legs wrapped tightly around their bodies. When they’re wrapped around someone like this, it feels almost as though they’re trying to suffocate you, but in a good way. If you’ve ever experienced this phenomenon then you know how amazing it feels.
Now that we understand the difference between our feet and legs, let’s talk about footjobs. First off, what exactly is a foot job? Well, it’s fairly simple really. As mentioned earlier, it’s a form of masturbation whereby a man uses his hands to fondle and rub his own feet (or another persons) in order to achieve sexual pleasure. One popular misconception associated with this type of sex play however, is that it involves penetration of any kind. Although this may apply to some forms of foot jobs, it isn’t always necessary. Some guys prefer using their fingers to reach certain spots within their feet, others enjoy rubbing lotion onto their soles to help make things feel better. Still other men enjoy having a partner massage their feet before going further. But for those still unsure, here are three common reasons where a guy would choose to perform a foot job instead of engaging in penetrative intercourse…
1. Feet don’t last as long as penises do.
The average penis can stay erect for anywhere between 4 to 6 hours depending on the size, health, age, stamina and overall performance level of the person doing the penetrating. On the other hand, the average female vagina only lasts about 2 hours during sex. Not to mention, the majority of women find that they lose interest after about 20 minutes so it’s highly unlikely that a man could keep satisfying a woman like this for much longer than that anyway.
2. Penises sometimes hurt a bit afterwards.
It’s true that not every penis is created equal. While some guys are blessed with larger sizes, others simply aren’t cut out for the task of giving a woman multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, there’s really no easy way to tell which category you fall into until you give it a shot. So if you’re worried about hurting a girl during sex then a foot job may be a great solution for you. You won’t have to worry about causing pain or discomfort. Plus, you’ll also have plenty of time to prepare the area beforehand.
3. You can use your imagination.
There are a number of ways to spice things up in bed. From kissing to oral sex to mutual masturbation, there are literally hundreds of fun activities to try out together. Why stop there? Of course, there are several other options available too. Men who prefer to engage in foot play can experiment with different fantasies, scenarios and positions which can lead to new sensations and experiences. And since both partners are typically completely relaxed during a foot job, a man can focus entirely on pleasing his lover without worrying about anything else except for making sure he keeps touching her right.
So whether you’re single or married, straight or gay, young or old, male or female, interested in experimenting with something new or wanting to add a little extra fun to your current repertoire of bedroom techniques, I hope you will consider giving a foot job a go sometime soon. Enjoy!

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