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What Is The Most Unhealthy Fast Food

by Annabel Caldwell
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What Is The Most Unhealthy Fast Food

What Is The Most Unhealthy Fast Food

Despite these changes, McDonalds still isn’t very healthy. It is consistently ranked as one of the worst offending fast food places in the entire country.

When it comes to unhealthy foods, a lot of people would agree that fast food restaurants have an awful reputation. They’ve been accused for many years now of using trans fats and high cholesterol levels to make their products taste good. And while there are some healthier alternatives out there, like salad bars or fresh fruit platters, most Americans still choose the bad choices when they’re craving something tasty but not particularly nutritious..
Over the past several decades, however, this image has changed dramatically. Nowadays you can find everything from salads with grilled chicken at Subway to breakfast burritos at Taco Bell. You can even get a low fat milkshake at Starbucks! But despite these changes, McDonalds is still not very healthy. According to new research published by Harvard University’s School of Public Health, it is consistently ranked as one of the worst offenders among all fast-food chains across the nation. In fact, eating too much red meat (which is what hamburgers are made from) may be more harmful than smoking cigarettes.
The researchers looked at the nutritional information for 18 different types of fast food items, including burgers, fries, sodas, shakes, desserts, and so on. Their findings were then compared against national standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
According to the study, the average calories per serving was around 400. That means that if you ate three servings — which is about two regular-sized meals — your daily caloric intake could exceed 10 percent of your recommended calorie allowance. For example, if you followed USDA guidelines to eat 2000 calories per day, consuming three meals from McDonalds each day could leave you dangerously close to obesity territory. Worse yet, the same holds true for other popular fast food franchises such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Carl’s Jr., and Wendy’s.
“This study shows that just because a restaurant brand offers healthful options, you shouldn’t assume that consumers will automatically select those options,” said co-author Christopher Gardner. “Often, consumers don’t realize that menu choices include calories, sodium, saturated fat, and sugar.”
So why do we keep choosing unhealthy foods? While most people probably know that fast food is full of empty calories, they also tend to think that the food tastes better than it really does. When faced with a delicious looking burger covered in cheese, ketchup, relish, onions, pickles, and lettuce, most people will feel compelled to order it no matter how guilty they might feel afterwards. As a result, the majority of our dietary habits revolve around fast food restaurants.
It wasn’t always this way. Back in the 1970s, only 4% of American adults reported going to fast food restaurants once a week or less often. Today, that number is up to 34%. Interestingly enough, according to recent surveys conducted by Harris Interactive and Mintel International Group, 66% of Americans say that they’d prefer to dine at a fine dining restaurant rather than one specializing in fast food. However, only 13% of them actually go to a higher end eatery.
As a result, the industry has started taking steps towards making its offerings healthier over time. First off, they began offering larger portions without increasing overall weight gain. Next, they introduced smaller sizes on certain menu items. Finally, they began adding healthier ingredients like soy protein isolate, whole grain corn flour, skim milk powder, and reduced fat cheeses. Still, many customers remain skeptical whenever they see anything labeled “Healthy Choice” or “Better Than Regular”.
In response to this issue, McDonalds went ahead and created its own version of “better than regular”, called McLean Deluxe. This line of premium burgers includes lean turkey patties instead of beef, reduced fat cheddar cheeses, real bacon strips, and apple slices. With this product launch, the company hopes to attract more health conscious consumers who will be willing to pay extra money for quality ingredients.
McDonalds’ main competitor, Burger King, has also taken notice. Its latest attempt at improving its image involves introducing the Whopper Jr., which is half the size of the regular version and contains 90 percent fewer calories. Also included is Boca Burgers, which use 100 percent real beef along with spinach and Swiss cheese. Other competitors like Taco Bell offer vegetarian tacos, salads, and soups.
So where does this leave us? If you’re a hardcore junkie, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with your occasional visit to a fast food joint. On the contrary, if you want to stay healthy, you should definitely avoid these establishments altogether. Instead, try to stick with restaurants that specialize in healthier fare. These days you’ll find plenty of places that serve salads, sandwiches, smoothies, wraps, and even raw sushi rolls at reasonable prices. Even if you’re not into cooking yourself, you can always call ahead and ask about delivery.
If you need help deciding what to order, here’s a quick list of the top ten worst offenders according to the Harvard study:
1. Chicken Nuggets
2. French Fries
3. Large Chili Cheeseburger
4. Frosted Flakes
5. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. Double Quarter Pounder with cheese
8. Crispy Tenders
9. Egg McMuffin
10. Big Mac
There you have it – the top ten most unhealthy fast foods. Now you can decide which ones you want to give up first. Of course, you might want to start with #3 – large chili cheeseburger. Then again, maybe you’d be better off skipping #7 – double quarter pounder with cheese. After all, it’s already pretty hard to resist temptation.

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