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What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery

by Lyndon Langley
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What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery

What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric (weight loss) surgical procedures are not new. In fact, they have been around since the 1960s. However, it wasn’t until 2001 that a surgeon named Robert Stromberg performed the first laparoscopic gastric bypass operation on a woman patient. This was followed by another in 2002 and several others after that. Today, these types of operations are called “gastric banding” or “mini-bypass.” These two terms do not denote how big the stomach actually becomes. Rather, they only mean that these operations involve creating a small pouch out of the top part of the stomach which can be used as an artificial valve between the esophagus and the rest of the intestines. This reduces the amount of food that will pass from the upper portion of the stomach into the intestines. The size of this new valve or pouch is determined according to the individual’s needs. Patients who undergo this type of operation usually lose about 30% of their excess body weight within one year.
People who want to get rid of excess fat but don’t meet the criteria for bariatric surgery may still choose to go through with weight loss programs such as dieting, exercising and nutritional supplements. People who undergo bariatric surgeries tend to live healthier lives because they no longer have to worry about gaining weight. They often feel better about themselves and become much happier. But some people may hesitate to go through with them due to possible complications. For instance, a person who wants a smaller waistline might consider having a gastric band placed over his/her stomach so that he/she won’t overeat anymore. He/ she might also choose to eat healthy foods instead of junk foods. Afterward, he/ she would continue doing both of these things without eating too many calories. If all goes well, then he/ she should start losing weight gradually. But if something fails, he/ she could remove the band and resume normal eating habits. However, the problem with this approach is that, even though the person has lost weight, his/ her metabolism isn’t affected at all. Hence, when he/ she resumes eating normally, he/ she tends to put back on those pounds.
In contrast, someone who opts for gastric banding does experience a change in metabolism. His/ her body starts burning fewer calories automatically. Therefore, the person can safely reduce his/ her calorie intake while continuing to enjoy delicious meals. As a result, he/ she shouldn’t gain any extra weight. At least, not for quite some time.
The main disadvantage of gastric banding lies in its simplicity. It involves cutting off the connection between the upper portion of the stomach and the intestines. This means that nutrients cannot be absorbed from the food that we consume. This may cause problems with our blood sugar levels. However, doctors say that the risks involved with this kind of weight loss surgery are very minimal. Furthermore, some patients who underwent gastric banding reported that they were able to maintain their ideal weight permanently. Some of them didn’t need any additional medical assistance whatsoever. Others needed just minor adjustments here and there. One thing that everyone agrees upon is that gastric banding is the easiest form of weight loss surgery available. And it’s definitely the best option for people who want to shed pounds quickly.
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Types of Weight Loss Surgical Procedures
There are three different kinds of weight loss surgeries:
Vertical Gastrectomy – In this case, the surgeon removes most of the stomach leaving behind a tiny pouch. A special tool called a gastroplasty is inserted into the remaining part of the stomach. This tool creates a small opening in the restricted area. Then, a plastic ring is passed through the hole and secured at the base of the newly created pouch. This ring serves as an artificial valve. By making use of a narrow tube, the patient eats and drinks normally. Afterwards, waste passes out through a special passage that leads directly to the anus. When the patient feels hungry later, he/ she can easily take in small amounts of food. Eating larger quantities of food causes discomfort and pain.
Sleeve Gastrectomy – This type of weight loss surgery is similar to vertical gastrectomy except that the surgeon cuts away virtually all of the stomach. Instead of removing a large section, the doctor simply trims down the entire organ. A thin tube is then connected to the cut end of the stomach. The patient can eat and drink anything he/ she wants as usual. Waste products exit the body through a separate channel.
Duodenal Switch – This type of weight loss surgery is done mainly for morbidly obese patients. During this procedure, the surgeon removes 90% of the stomach and connects the remaining 10%. An important difference between sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch is that the latter requires the patient to undergo a major reconstruction process afterwards. This reconstruction includes reconnecting the small intestine to the middle and distal sections of the small bowel. The patient must also have a small tube surgically implanted near the junction between the small bowel and the large bowel. Once again, the patient can eat and drink normally. But unlike the previous cases, the waste products leave the body via a stoma located in the jejunum.
Other types of bariatric surgeries include biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, and gastric balloon placement. All of these options involve significant changes to the digestive system.

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