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What Is Wrong With My Brain

by Lyndon Langley
What Is Wrong With My Brain

What Is Wrong With My Brain

Your doctor will likely screen you with a neurological exam to make sure that your vision, hearing and balance is not affected by the condition. He or she may also get images of what’s happening in our brain so they can diagnose it accurately before proceeding any further treatment plans – like whether there are tumors present which would require surgery if their diagnosis proves true!

The most common diagnostic imaging tools used today include CT scans (computed tomography), MRI done via Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine(Magnetic resonance imager scanner) PET Scanning Positron Emission Tomogram scanning.

What To Take For Brain Fog

Brain fog can be caused by a variety of factors including pregnancy, certain medications (both over-the counter and prescription), cancer treatment Side effects from medication such as depression or fatigue might also cause brain drain. The most common causes are diabetes/diabetic Neuropathy thyroid problems migraines arthritis dehydration menopause multiple sclerosis (MS) chronic lupus alzheimer’s disease.

Why Am I Always In My Head

Those that live in their head often feel cut off from the physical world around them. Anxiety and trauma can serve as positive correlates for individuals struggling with avoidance issues because they have been shown to be associated more so than others do on average, even though every person’s story is unique!

Why Am I So Slow Mentally

Brain fog is an indicator that you may need to make some adjustments in your lifestyle. It can be caused by nutrient deficiencies, sleep disorders like insomnia or hyper Wakefulness Stage Disorder (HSW), bacterial overgrowth from too much sugar intake , depression/anxiety disorder symptoms PLUS thyroid issues . Other common causes include eating too many meals/snacks throughout the day coupled with less than adequate restful hours leading up until bedtime; chronic stress due both psychological riding emotional state during stressful times.

Why Am I Zoning Out So Much

zoning out can be a good thing. autopilot is the brain’s way of telling you it has nothing else important to do right now, so why not take some time for yourself? Zoning out means your mind switches over from thinking about what needs done next with current task at hand – whether its folding laundry or walking down town.

Why Cant I Focus On Anything

A lack of concentration can be the result of a chronic condition. Alcohol use disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and chronic fatigue syndrome are all examples that would lead to an inability to concentrate in someone’s life.

Why Does My Brain Feel Foggy

Brain fog is a common symptom that can be caused by nutrient deficiencies, sleep disorders and bacterial overgrowth. Other causes include eating too much or often , lack of activity as well as depression . A Thyroid condition might also lead you into this state if it isn’t treated properly with medication prescribed from your doctor.

Why Does My Brain Feel Weird

Brain fog is a common symptom of many different conditions and can be triggered by eating too much, getting poor quality sleep , stress or an insufficient intake in nutrients. Brain Fog has been reported as one cause for weight gain among some who eat fast foods on the regular.

Why Do I Feel Like I’M Not Real

Severe stress, such as major relationship issues or financial worries can trigger depersonalization episodes. Depression and anxiety are also factors that lead to this condition because they reduce your sense of self-identity which makes it hard for you feel connected with others around us.

Why Do I Feel Weird

Emotional and energy levels change with the menstrual cycle.

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